The Tremendous Honor of Being a Speaker

There is a moment before I teach, that almost always takes my breath away. 

It’s unlike any other moment I experience in life.

The last worship song is coming to a close, the worship leader prays and I have typically worked my way from being out in the crowd to be behind stage and I’m getting ready to head up.

I have my Bible, my notes and my mic.

During those few minutes and seconds…typically I experience:

  • Tremendous Thankfulness
  • Out of this world Gratitude
  • A extremely humble moment
  • Unreal love for my creator

It is so humbling and an incredible honor to be asked to teach and to speak. I have experienced that moment hundreds and hundreds of times and it never gets old.

My prayer is that I would honor Jesus and help make him famous in the lives of the people I’m teaching too.

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