10 Highlights & Updates for 2013

Thought I would share my prayer email with the blog world. I sent this last night to the group of people who have committed to pray for and give to Live Now.


Hi all,Live Now_nobg

 I hope you’re doing well and my hope and prayer is that your 2013 has started off in an amazing fashion!
I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening with Live Now and my speaking ministry!
Highlights & Updates
1. Great Start! I started 2013 by speaking at back to back retreats at Grace Adventures in Mears, MI. What an honor to teach God’s word to middle school students. I had one 7th grade boy come up to me and say…”Thanks for making the Bible exciting”! And, I had an 8th grade girl ask me for prayer after a talk I did called ‘Jesus is crazy in love with you’. She told how she never could believe that Jesus could love because of how hideously looking she was. My heart broke as she told me this because she was a lovely young woman. She finished our conversation by saying…”I know that my Jesus is in love with me”! Wow, what a privilege! 
2. Next. I lead assemblies for students in grades K-12 for the St Ignace school district and lead a workshop for parents as well. This school district has been suffering because a freshmen boy took his life due to bullying last spring. It obviously still affects the community deeply and my heart and prayers have been with them!
3. Alabama. I’m taking my entire family to the state of Alabama tomorrow for a youth conference I’m teaching at. Please, PLEASE pray for us. Pray for safety. Pray for God to speak through me. Pray for God to give me favor with the students. Pray for God break their hearts and turn them towards Him. My prayer for these events is that Jesus will become famous to them! 
4. Things really gear up. I lead assemblies for grades K-12 at Sacred Heart in Mt Pleasant and lead a Parent Workshop called ‘No More Bullying’. I teach at Cran Hill Ranch in MI and then Forest Home Camp in CA. I lead assemblies for Petoskey High School and we have almost booked two more schools for February! I preach at The River Community Church in Hartland, speak at SpringHill Camp and speak for the students at Heritage Church in Macomb! Praise God!
5. Bullying eBook for Parents. I’m also working on a resource for parents that will hopefully give them some practical tools to help their kids overcome bullying and stop being the bully. More on that to come! 
6. God is at Work! It’s all because of you. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers! Your sacrificial financial gifts and your encouragement! 
7. Praying for Monthly Donors. My hope and goal with Live Now is to raise $3000 a month in financial support through gifts from individuals and businesses. We are currently at $980 committed giving. Would you pray about joining our giving team? Gifts of $30, $50 or $100 go a long way. If you would like to give, you can donate online here or send a check to (Live Now Leadership, PO Box 1646, Mt Pleasant, MI 48804). 
8. T-Shirts. A great way to help Live Now raise our operating budget is to buy a T-Shirt or 5! Hah. But, we have two different styles available online and you can buy them here
9. Tell your School or Church about us! I’ve attached two simple documents. If you would like to help us get in your school or church, please pass on one of the documents to your Principal or Pastor. The Live Now Leadership document is for your Principal and the Jason Raitz Speaking document is for your Pastor. I would be honored if you would pass on my speaking and ministry. 
10. Know I APPRECIATE YOU! I pray for you daily and lift you and your families. Thanks for all your support and help!
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