A Lesson I’ve learned from my Counselor

Let me first say this…I believe in counseling and I think every person at some point should see a counselor!

Especially Christian Counseling! I have had quite a few rough seasons of life. Like the kind where the floor just drops out on you and your trying to hold on for dear life. During two of those seasons, Christian Counseling saved my life. Literally…


When I moved back to MI a few years ago, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a new Counselor. When I worked at Willow Creek Church, one of the many tremendous staff benefits was an annual counseling stipend. That was an amazing gift! I love that Pastors like Perry Noble openly talk about how counseling has been huge for their lives!

Well, last year I found a new counselor and I know he was one of the reasons I’ve been able to get through 2012.

Let me back up for a second. 2012 was a great year. God blessed my family in major ways. Brought people around us who lived out God’s love to us.

But, it was also the toughest year of our lives. More on that later.

My counselor helped me get through! And, one of the many lessons he’s taught me is this…Unknown

‘What we believe, affects what we see’

How true is that?!? Just think about it. If we…

  • Jump to conclusions…we will see things that way
  • Listen to rumors and gossip…we will see things that way
  • Don’t do our homework…we will see things that way
  • Believe lies…we will see things that way
  • If we don’t go to the source…we will see things that way
  • Hate how we look…we will things that way

For me…my goal is to make sure I know that I know what I am believing is true, accurate, based on scripture and truth.

That’s hard. But, it’s a goal.

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