Almost every morning I drive my kids to school. I love it. Brings me a ton of joy. It only takes me 20 minutes and it’s time well spent.

I drop off Bobby first at his school…he’s my 5th grader. Then I drop off Zach, my third grader and then Bekah…my 7th grader.

I try to use the time really wise in the car. Doesn’t always happen. But, I try to get my kids talking to each other, talking to me and I try to get us dream together.

As I drop off my kids, I always say the same thing:

Remember, you can choose to be Kind and Respectful to your friends and teachers today. Are you going to be?

Then I ask them this…

What’s one way you can help your teacher or teachers today?

In the beginning I think it shocked them. Aren’t my teachers supposed to help me? Am I really suppose to help my teachers?

But, now that we’ve done it all year, they have a lot of cool answers to that question.

Mom and Dad’s…I think it’s so important to help our kids learn how to be on the lookout to help others. Especially those in authority over our kids.

A super easy way to do that is to ask them how they can help their teachers.

See what happens.

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