Few Things I love about Retreats…from my point of view

I’ve been a part of a lot of retreats over my short 37 years. 2012-11-04 10.42.36

I attended many as a student

I lead many as a youth pastor

I’ve spoken at a lot as a speaker. 

I LOVE RETREATS! God uses them incredible ways to break down walls in hearts and they can be catalytic moments in someone’s spiritual journey.

Here are a few things I love about Retreats. (From my point of view as a speaker)

1. I love when I first arrive and nobody knows me. It’s fun to walk around and not be recognized yet.

2. I love, LOVE, finding the chapel or worship room empty before the chapel or sessions. I have always loved walked through the rows and praying over the chairs. Praying for the students and leaders who will be sitting in those rows and asking God for Him to move powerfully in lives!

3. I love seeing adults who invest a weekend of their lives in the Kingdom of God! WOW! It never gets old. I am quick to tell them that their not giving a weekend up…but INVESTING a weekend!

4. I love having students come up to me after a message and hearing their stories. So humbling that I get to hear thousands and thousands of stories.

5. I love the worship. 99% of the time retreats I speak at have unbelievably, kicking it worship bands. I love hearing hundreds of students worship. I love meeting so many bands and developing so many friendships!

6. I love teaching God’s word. I know it’s why I was created.

7. I love telling stories and watching kids eyes as they ‘get it’. I’m so tired of the stigma with some ‘uber deep christians’ that say that stories must mean the message isn’t deep. Fooey!

8. I love the opportunity to have conversations with the adults. Hearing their stories and their passion for kids is amazing.

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