Reflections after a Full Day of Speaking

Wow, what a day! It was an absolutely incredible day of speaking. I lead assemblies for grades K-2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7-12 and lead a parents workshop. Whew! I feel like a truck hit me, but in a good way. Here are some reflections: 1. I Must take care of myself. In order to speak... Continue Reading →


Minutes and Words…use them well

Here's a Giant lesson that I have learned and re-learned and it applies to both my relationships and my speaking. And, it's a lesson that has been taught to me for years, and I've done an OK job with executing it, but I'm raising its value to an all time high in my communicating. Here's the lesson Remember... Continue Reading →

A day off

Today I'm taking the day off.  No Facebook/Twitter/Email/Texts No worrying about returning calls No spending way too much time thinking/praying/worrying about raising funds or finding the next speaking engagement Today I'm going to enjoy my family in downtown Louisville, KY. It's easier said than done. When you no longer receive the comforts and blessings of... Continue Reading →

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