Would you Help?

I have two very giant requests for help. 

If you would consider helping with either one…that would be a HUGE blessing.

Here they are:

1. Pray. Would you please pray for me this weekend? I’m teaching at a youth retreat for Grace Adventures Camp and I would be honored if you would pray for me.

Pray for…strength, clarity, attentive ears, favor with youth leaders and students, and for students to hear the hope of Christ.

I have spoken at more retreats than I count over the past 20 years and every one is like the first one! It is a tremendous honor and I’m praying God would use me to speak His truth.

Plus…I’m bringing my boys with me and that’s a first! I’ve taken them separately, but never together. Going to be a blast!

2. Spread the word about our Live Now T-Shirts. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s HUGE. Live Now Leadership is a non-profit organization and we only exist because of the graciousness of individuals who donate and help with things like buying shirts. CKOBjasonraitz2

Not only can we spread our message of Choosing Kindness and No More Bullying with our shirts, but they help us raise the needed funds to keep Live Now going and helping others.

On a daily basis we provide resources for students and parents to deal with and overcome bullying. We talk with teachers and administrators about creating a climate and culture of acceptance in their schools. We lead assemblies and workshops for parents and students and teachers and none of this would happen without an incredible amount of support!

So, please consider buying a shirt for yourself, your kids and your friends.

Oh…we’ve extended our $10 T-Shirt sale to today as well!

Choose Kindness Over Bullying

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