Celebrating Live Now in 2012 and Looking Forward to 2013

Live Now Leadership has been existence since April of 2012 and so much has happened in that time! Yesterday, I sent this email to our supporters and prayer Live Now_nobgpartners and I thought I would share it here as well.


Hi Friends!!

I hope and pray you’re doing well! I just wanted to remind you how thankful I am for each of you and all of your support, care, prayer and love. 

My family could not have made it through this year without your support. There have been ridiculously amazing highs (starting something new) and there have been really tough lows (starting something new), but we are constantly amazed at how good God is to us and how blessed we are to have friends like you who support and pray for us.

Celebrating the ministry of Live Now in 2012

  • Thousands of students were encouraged, motivated and inspired to Choose Kindness over Bullying. What a Blessing!
  • Hundreds of parents were trained and encouraged at our ‘No More Bullying’ and ‘The Sacredness of Parenting’ workshops. What a Blessing!
  • I met 1 on 1 with hundreds of teachers and administrators. Interviewed them, built relationships and even had opportunities to share the gospel! What a Blessing!
  • I had the privilege of sharing the gospel to thousands of students adults in MI, OH, LA, IND, KA and IL and decisions were made for Christ. What a Blessing! 
  • I was asked to write a 30 page ebook on bullying for parents. It will be complete in January ’13. What a Blessing!

Preparing for the ministry of 2013

  • I will be speaking (Choose Kindness over Bullying) to the students, staff and parents of:
  • St. Ignace Lasalle, MI (K-12), St. Ignace, MI, Sacred Heart Academy (K-12), Mt Pleasant, MI , Petoskey High School (9-12), Petoskey, MI, South Adams School (K-12), Berne, IN
  • I will be speaking at Retreat Centers in MI (Grace Adventures, Cran Hill Ranch, SpringHill) and CA (Forest Home), AL (Behold Retreat), MO (CIY MIX).
  • I will be preaching at The River Community Church in Hartland, MI.
  • I also have the privilege of speaking at student hosted rallies in high schools in IL as well.
  • Plus, I will continue working on my book projects: ‘Live a Great Story, Now’, (student) ‘Choose Kindness over Bullying’ (student) and ‘The Sacredness of Parenting’ (parents).

WOW! WHAT A HUGE BLESSING! It’s hard to even comprehend how much help and support it took to make it to this place. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Dozens of friends and family have let me borrow their vehicles so I could travel to speaking engagements!
  • Friends have donated computers, graphic design and video editing experience, office furniture, printing, stamps and so much more.
  • Dozens of friends have given financial gifts to support our ministry.
  • Friends have hosted ‘Meet Live Now’ nights and have organized fundraisers.
  • Dozens of friends have told their schools about Live Now and their Churches about my speaking ministry.

Absolutely none of this could happen without you! Your sacrificial financial gifts, your prayer, your help and all your support has made all this possible! Thank you!

2012/2013…Prayer Needs and Goals

1. Our hope and goal is to raise $4350 by years end. Even in the midst of all this amazing ministry, we’re praying for a financial miracle. We’ve consistently fallen short of our fundraising goals and my hope is to raise $4350 by years end. Our monthly fundraising goal is $3000 and currently we’re at 23% of that goal.

*If you would like to help us immediately, you can give online or by mail.  Your gifts help keep our ministry alive and devoted to helping students and parents.

**Also, you could help by sharing this link on your facebook page to spread the word about supporting Live Now.

2. Our hope and goal is to sell 200 T-Shirts. We are officially launching our online store tomorrow! Every purchased T-Shirt helps raise funds for our ministry.

*If you would like to make an advance purchase and give some great Christmas gifts, head here now!

3. Our hope and goal is to find donated office space for 2013. Our Live Now office is currently in our unheated, unfinished basement or Panera Bread! A quiet space to write and to prepare is a giant need. We’ve found great space, but we can’t afford the $250 a month rent. Praying for donations or donated space.

4. Our hope and goals is to find donors for a few big projects:

  • I’m in desperate need for donated airfares for (2) to AL in January and CA in Feb.
  • Live Now is at it’s last step in our 501c3 process and is trying to raise $850 to finish our IRS regulations and application.
  • Praying for the cost of travel to and from IL to speak at student lead rallies in Jan.
  • We’re in need of a computer monitor and a Macbook Pro for our events and design intern.

5. Our hope and goal is to find additional monthly donors to support our ongoing work. 

Thank you for your support, your help and your prayers! Please know I am so very thankful for each of you!

If you have any questions or have any ideas you would like to share, don’t hesitate to email or call (847 532 4553).



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