I’ve been overwhelmed for a few days.

Not the kind of overwhelmed when you pack your bags and you’re just done…ready to quit…ready to give up.

Not that kind.

But completely and fully overwhelmed by the amount of goodness and blessing that God has poured into my life.


I was blessed to have dinner with great friends last week and it filled my heart with incredible joy.

I was asked to teach at a youth convention in Louisiana and I’ve been so blessed by the new relationships I’ve made.

I’m so blessed to have my wife. I am in total awe of her. She loves me with an all encompassing love and her support is unexplainable.

I have the sacred honor of being Bekah, Bob, Zach and Madie’s dad and I can’t even begin to explain how much joy they bring my life.

I have parents who support me and are always there for me.

I have friends who are praying for me, my family and ministry.



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