A Great Night Ahead for Live Now

Tonight is a very big night. 

The kind that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

And, coincidently, having a tough time sleeping because I’m so excited it’s finally here.

Four incredible families approached me many months ago and asked if they could help sponsor a fundraiser for Live Now. Of course I was thrilled.


When we started Live Now, we took a HUGE step of faith. Honestly, it wasn’t even the timing we were praying and thinking about. We thought we would start it in a few years or start it and grow into it. But, that wasn’t an option, so we took a HUGE step of faith and launched out.

It’s been an exciting and humbling run so far. We are so honored that people have supported us, and Schools have partnered with us.

But, Live Now is only 7 months old and we wouldn’t be here without the sacrificial financial donations of individuals to help us accomplish our mission.

To help students and parents overcome bullying by

teaching them to treat each other with unprecedented amounts of kindness and respect.

We exist for Students of every age, Parents of every stage and Schools of every kind.

Join us tonight. 

It’s not too late. You’ll here what we’re about, why you should care about the bullying epidemic and how you be a partner with us!

We’re asking for a donation of $25 a ticket or $40 per couple and you can get those online or RSVP by emailing info@livenowleadership.com.

7:00pm at Buck’s Run (1559 South Chippewa Road, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858).

See you tonight!



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