My Weekend at SpringHill Camp

This past weekend I had the privilege of being the speaker for one of SpringHill’s junior retreats (that’s 4th-6th graders).

It really was a great weekend. GREAT weekend. God was all over that camp and I know He touched many students and adults hearts!

Loved being able to share some stories and the truth of God’s word!

Here are some highlights:

  • Meeting so many great students from around MI and IN.
  • Hanging out with FANTASTIC youth leaders! It was so refreshing and wonderful meeting so many adults who give their time to spend with kids.
  • Being a part of SpringHill’s programming was great! They did such an awesome job of reaching students where they are at.
  • Spending some time with SpringHill’s staff. Wow! Some absolutely great leaders with terrific hearts!
  • Praying with students and adults. I was honored and humbled that both students and adults approached me to pray with them.
  • Telling students about Jesus never gets old! My dream is to make Jesus famous and I love getting the opportunity to share from His word!

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