BD’s Mongolian BBQ + Youth Pastors + Bullying = Incredible

Ok, just to set the record straight, there was no bullying of or by youth pastors at BD’s! Hah! 

But, yesterday I had lunch with a tremendous group of Metro Detroit Youth Pastors at BD’s. We talked about Bullying, how Churches can support local schools and what we can do to get parents more involved.

I had asked a small group of youth pastors if they would take time out of their busy schedules and join me for lunch. I was so honored they came. I know the schedule of a youth pastor and they are constantly pulled in a hundred directions, so it was really cool they joined me.

Sitting around the table were leaders I’ve been friends with for a long time and some I’ve met in the last few years. And, almost everybody around the table had been in youth ministry longer than 10 years, a few 15 years and one…20 years! AMAZING!

Fantastic Conversation

We talked about bullying. I asked them about their thoughts on bullying. What they’re experiencing with their students and what they’re hearing from their students about bullying. I also asked them if the problem of bullying is as big as we see in the media.

That lead into a discussion on the extremely low self-esteem that we’ve seen in students and just how hard it is for this generation.

We also talked about how we as youth workers, can encourage and motivate our churches to get involved with our local schools. We talked about what our churches are currently doing and what we could do.

*I personally believe that the local church hasn’t even scratched the surface of how we can help schools! And, with more and more cuts made to schools, they’re desperately looking for help and the church can provide it. 

We finished the conversation by talking about parents. How we can encourage them to be more intentional in their parenting and be the ones teaching and modeling Jesus to their kids.

I’m still processing and going over my notes. The wisdom around the table was tremendous and it was an absolute blast for me. Especially since a bunch of us hung around afterwards and just talked ministry and life.

For my soul…it was an amazing time and it helped me greatly as I keep pursuing the calling God has given me to encourage the local church to bring hope to their communities!



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