One Gift Every Parent Should Give

I love to give my kids gifts. I really do. It’s so much fun. Gifts are one of my love languages, so I’m big on gifts! 

And, we’re coming up to the season of gifts. Yikes! I can’t even believe Christmas is less than 2 months away! How is that even possible?

But, in this season, it’s so easy to give our kids gifts that they really don’t need.

So, I have a suggestion. I have a very simple thought.

There is one gift that I believe every parent should give their kids.

The gift of Inclusion. 

Here’s what I mean…

I want to Include my kids.

I want to Include them with my time and my life.

I want them to know they are my life.


I want to model Inclusion to them.

I want them to see me authentically and transparently including others.

I want them to know that it’s of utmost importance to me to reach out and accept others.


I want to teach them how to Include others.

I want to teach them how to Include people that are easy and difficult to include.

I want to teach them to always be looking for ways they can be catalysts for Inclusion.

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