A powerful, yet simple way to help end bullying

Everyone should care about the bullying epidemic that’s spreading across our country. 

And…Yes, I really do believe it’s an epidemic.

That’s my opinion, but if the older generations of leaders and parents don’t pay more attention to what’s happening with this younger generation, our future years will not be bright. In our homes, our churches, our schools and our communities.

Bullying is an epidemic and it’s spreading at alarming rates. Yes, it’s always been around. Yes, it will always be around in some form. But, the way kids bully each other today is so much darker and much more intense than past generations. Again, that’s my opinion, but something has to be done!

A powerful, yet simple way to help overcome bullying

Would you consider supporting Live Now Leadership as we tackle the epidemic of bullying?

It’s a powerful, yet simple way to help overcome bullying. We exist to partner with schools to educate and motivate students and parents to overcome bullying to treating each other with unprecedented amounts of kindness and respect.

Your prayer. Your support. Your word of mouth. Your marketing. Your financial gifts. These are  all powerful ways to help us overcome bullying.

Three Ways to Help

1. Attend our ‘Celebrate and Support’ Night. It’s November 12th at 7pm in Mt Pleasant, MI. There will be coffee and dessert, stories of how we’re tackling the bullying epidemic and I will share an encouraging talk with our attendees. The details are here.

2. Buy a ticket even if you can’t attend. By buying a ticket, you will be making a great donation to Live Now. Because of 4 amazing couples who are sponsoring the event, all proceeds from our ticket sales go to help and support Live Now. Even if you can’t attend, you can help. The details are here.

3. Bring a friend, teacher or school administrator.  This is a great opportunity to buy a ticket for someone who you think needs to hear the message and vision of Live Now. Bring a neighbor, a friend or a teacher of school administrator. The details are here.

Again, I would be honored if you would consider helping Live Now.

If you have any questions or would like to know some of the other ways we’re looking for help, please email me (jason@livenowleadership.com)

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