An incredible gift

This past weekend I received something that I’ll cherish for a long time. 

It came in the form of a facebook message.

It came at just the right time.

It came when I needed it most.

It came from someone I admire and respect.

It came quietly and without fanfare.

It was simple, yet profound.

I received a thank you. 

It was awesome. I opened up facebook and saw I had a message waiting for me, I clicked it and it was a thank you. It was actually a thank you for the thank you cards that I have sent their family.

This family is one that I admire greatly. They have two incredible teenage boys who are amazing and their entire family helped us move this summer in an amazing way. And, they’ve let me borrow their vehicles for speaking trips and for helping my parents move. They are ‘over and above’ givers. They don’t just say yes, you can borrow that, they think of creative ways to help you.

So, I wanted to say thank you. 

I am in a season of making extreme asks. Its been very hard to do. It’s in my nature to not ask for help and it’s been so hard. But, after reading Acts 2 about a thousand times, I’ve come to realize that asking for your community for help is ok.

I can only imagine what could be accomplished for the kingdom if people opened up their hearts and opened their lives to each ot

her. If they looked at all they’ve blessed with and said, here, you take this and you this. It would be amazing.

I have a GIANT dream that I believe passionately is from God and I can’t do it alone. I’m not trying to build a business that provides widgets, I’m trying to motivate students and adults that there’s a better way to live.

It’s kingdom work. It’s heart surgery of the most important kind.

All that to say, I send a lot of thank you’s. It’s all I have. I can’t send financial gifts, I can’t send gifts, but I can send the gift of words.

So, it was incredible to receive the gift back.


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