Hanging with Bobby

A few years ago I started taking each of my kids with me on speaking trips. The deal was, when they turned 8, they could come on a trip with Dad.

It’s been incredible!

Best weekends ever.

The nice part is, my kids have been coming with me as a family on speaking trips their whole lives. So, they know the drill. They know when it’s our time and when dad’s talking and hanging out. It’s great.

It started with Bekah and then Bob and I took Zach on his first trip back in August. This weekend, it’s Bob and I. Out of my 4 kids, Bob and I are least alike. Bekah, Zach and I are very alike. Even Madie to some extent. We’re all very outgoing, comfortable in new situations, excited about change, positive, easy to make new friends and pretty darn upbeat. Bob’s a lot like his mom. Quiet, shy and not the one you would see on stage. 

Bob, not so much. At home, Bob is himself. So stinking funny, so animated, a dancer and so much fun. At church, school or new situations, Bob is very quiet. Bob loves video games. Bob loves to be lazy. Bob is also incredibly smart and asks some amazingly deep questions. Head scratchers for sure!

So, this weekend is great because it’s just Bob and I.

Questions & Conversations 

1. Questions. My goal for the weekend was to ask as many questions as I possibly could. As a dad, I want to be the expert about my kids, so I want to know everything I can about them. That starts with Questions.

2. Listen. I wanted to listen and remember. If I’m going to be the expert, I have to drop everything else I’m doing and thinking about and listen to what Bob is saying and what he’s really saying.

3. Challenge. I need to keep challenging my kids and there are a few areas that I pushed Bob this weekend. We learned a bible verse together and we spent a lot of time talking about that verse.

4. Fun. We went exploring. Went on a run together. Played catch in the gym. Shot some hoops. Watched some netflix and hung out.

Great weekend! Not only is God moving and using me as a speaker. He has blessed Bob and I with a weekend that I know we will always remember!

I love hanging with my Bobby!

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  1. This is such a great post! I don’t currently have any speaking engagements, but I’m hoping to move into that realm soon. I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate my children into the travel and this seems like a perfect combination of work, parenting, intentionality, and fun. Well said!

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