Can our student leaders pray for you?

Last night Bobby and I were sitting before the first session is about to begin and I’m asked…

Can our student leaders pray for you before you teach?

What?!? Are you serious? How incredible awesome is that?!?

I’ve been speaking at camps, retreats and conferences for 15 years. I have been prayed over many times by adults, but I’ve never been asked if the student leaders could pray for me.

I am still blown away. I loved it and I was so impressed to step outside with about a half dozen seniors (both guys ands gals) as they prayed for me before I spoke!

That’s empowerment! I love student lead ministry and that’s it.

Let me back up…

This weekend I’m speaking on a retreat at Bair Lake Bible Camp.  I haven’t been to this camp in YEARS! I spoke at a few retreats here many years ago and it’s nice being back. They’ve added an incredible gym! Wow, it’s great!

I was asked by Brian Henry, the youth pastor at The Rock to be the speaker for the weekend. I met Brian a few years back at an event and it’s been great connecting with him over the phone as the retreat has gotten closer.

5 incredible Churches from Indiana come together in the fall and do a combined retreat for their jr and sr high students and I have the honor and privilege of being their speaker for the weekend. The really cool part is, I met a bunch of the seniors here when they were in jr high way back when I was the speaker at  CDYC a few years back.

So humbling that they remembered me!

It was that same group of seniors who prayed for me. I’ve been in, around, a part of, and in love with student ministry my entire adult life. I love, LOVE, that a group of students (The Seniors!) took time to pray for the speaker, the students and the weekend.

I loved hearing them pray over the retreat and pour their hearts out to God.

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