Mom and Dad’s…ARE…the key to ending bullying

Mom and Dad’s are the key to ending bullying.

Let me back up.

I’ve talked to thousands of students and parents, both one on one and in groups.

I’ve been working with students and families in a variety of contexts for 18 years.

I’ve been a youth director, camp counselor, teaching pastor, speaker, event planner, and seminar speaker.

I’ve studied adolescent development and emotional intelligence for 18 years.

I’m a dad of 4 kids.

I have great parents.

I surrond myself with friends who believe they need to be intentional in their parenting and it’s the most important duty in their life.

Through all of that, I have come to the conclusion that Mom and Dads are the absolute key to ending bullying.

Schools are a part of the equation. Organizations like Live Now are a part of the equation. Churches are a part of the equation. Even celebrities and the influence of media is a part of the equation. Grandparents and family members are a part of the equation.

But nothing has more power to end Bullying than Mom and Dad’s. NOTHING!

It’s their responsibility, their sacred duty to teach their kids how to treat others with kindness and respect. Too often, I speak with parents who think it’s the responsibility of the people I just listed out. That’s wrong. 

Mom and Dad’s…step up to the plate. Teach your sons, your daughters how to accept people that are different than them. Teach them to treat others with unprecedented amounts of kindness and respect.

What do you think? Do you think Mom and Dads are the key to ending bullying?

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