The Sacredness of Parenting

There are a few things that are absolutely sacred to me:

Baseball, playing catch with my kids, walks with my family, family dance parties, listening to Hootie and the Blowfish and knowing that Ted Williams is the greatest hitter of all time!

I’m just kidding, well sort of! Those are both serious and not so serious.

Here are the things are truly Sacred to me…

Prayer. Parenting. Being a Great Husband. Being a Great Friend. God’s Word. There are more, LOT’S more, but let me center in on # 2 on the list…Parenting.

I’m a dad of 4 kids. Bekah is 12, Bobby is 10, Zachary is 8 and Madison is 4. I would give anything for them. I would give anything to keep them safe. I would give anything for them to grow into passionate followers of Jesus.

That’s really my life goal while those kids are under my roof. My desire is to point them towards God and pray that they will follow Him with all their hearts.

The interesting reality is that I spend a lot of time talking parenting with other parents and I spend a lot of time reading and studying parenting. I want to help other parents. I want to inspire and encourage parents to be intentional in their parenting.

That’s why I am terribly excited about presenting a parenting seminar at the Celebrate Your Marriage conference on Mackinaw Island on October 7th. Here’s a little more information about my seminar.

My seminar is called…

The Sacredness of Loving your Kids. Diving Deep into How God Calls Us to Love our Kids.

Every parent loves their kids, right? Yes, parents love their kids! But, how do you love them?

This workshop will help you dive deep into the sacred privilege of loving your kids and how you can continually pour extravagant love onto them. We will explore the depth of God’s love for His children and we will look at steps we can take as parents to love our kids in an amazing way.

I can’t wait to share and I know I will keep learning more and more about the sacredness of parenting.

If you’re interested in bringing this seminar and workshop to your Church, please email me

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