I’m looking for a volunteer Virtual Assistant

I’m looking for a highly trustworthy, FUN, organized and tech savvy (or you can learn) Volunteer Virtual Assistant

You can live in any part of the country, and all you need is a computer and a phone and a sense of humor (I mean, laughing is very important to me).

I need someone who I can trust who can help me keep up with the growing demands of building a non-profit organization and my speaking ministry.

Key Projects you would undertake:

1. Data management. You would have the keys to one of my most prized positions: my address book! Hah! But, really, I work hard to organize and track my contacts information, our School database, our Church/Camp database and our donor database. You would help organize this information and keep it up to date.

2. Reply to emails and help with scheduling.

3. Confirm details and travel arrangements to and from speaking engagements.

4. Send emails to potential Schools and Churches about Live Now.

5. Tell a daily joke!


You know who Michael Scott is, love Apple products, love Hootie and the Blowfish, have a heart to help, are flexible, is incredibly trustworthy, loves God with all your heart and you have a desire to see God bring hope and life to students and parents!

In a perfect world I would pay you, but since I’m not drawing a full time salary yet, that would be very hard to do.

But, if you have 5-10 hours a week and you’ve been looking for somewhere to volunteer, please consider giving your time to support an incredible KINGDOM cause.

If you’re interested and want to talk more, please email at jason@livenowleadership.com. 

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