Phrases Leaders Must Say…and Mean!

John C. Maxwell taught me and millions that Leaders are influencers. You can either influence people positively or negatively.

Whether you lead staff or volunteers, these phrases are a must for you to say to your people and mean them!

1. What do you think?

Leaders must ask for thoughts from their…boss, peers, employees, volunteers.

2. Thank you

Leaders must say Thank You! MUST SAY THANK YOU!

3. I’m Sorry

Leaders aren’t perfect. Some leaders are crazy driven, some aren’t. Regardless, leaders are going to mess up and when we do, we must say I’m Sorry!

4. Help

Leaders must ask for help. This is really hard. But, we’ve got to get over our pride and ask for help.

5. I believe in you

Leaders must remind their people constantly that they believe in them.

What would you add to the list?

4 Thoughts

  1. Typically … leaders “influence people from a distance” and “impact people up close”!

    I would like to add the following to your very true phrases by ‘unpacking’ a couple of them … (1) “What do you think?” – this phrase is most impacting when it is appropriately asked BEFORE a decision is made vs. after a decision is made when the leader is looking for a ‘courtesy response’ … (2) “Thank you” … with authenticity and not in a patronizing manner … (3) “I’m sorry” … enough said … (4) “Help” – before ‘crisis management’ is needed! A leader needs to lead from their strengths and allow his/her team to lead from their strengths … AND … (5) “I believe in you” – when a leader exhibits #’s 1 – 4 … this phrase can, many times, go unspoken … which, by the way, is a good reminder for all leaders that ALL of these phrases should be conveyed verbally and non-verbally … consistently and continuously as to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2!

    Thanks for ANOTHER great post Jason!

    By the way …. I believe in you!

    Kevin Winningham
    Jason Raitz Fan Club

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes! So good! You hit each of them perfectly and hopefully they’re not Trademarked! Hahah! I love your thoughts on Help and Thank you, actually, all your thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

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