Kingdom Come by Brandon Grissom is a Must

This is a public confession, here we go…

I’ve meant to write about Brandon Grissom’s newest CD for months. I’m sorry. I really am. But, I do have to tell you a secret…I pretty much listen to it everyday!

Here’s the deal. I am not a music critic. I have always loved music. I studied music. I played in bands. I have given lessons. But, I’m a guy who loves Hootie & the Blowfish and Justin Bieber…obviously not a critic.

But, I do have to tell you, it’s not often that a CD comes along that I can listen to everyday and one that I use to connect with my heavenly Father.

Kingdom Come by Brandon Grissom is that CD.

From the moment I first listened to it, I just knew that these songs were going to be an amazing blessing to many. As I listened to these songs, it’s almost like the words were written just for me. I know that’s selfish, but wow, they pierced my heart.

They have taken me away from some of the anxiety and stress of my day and have connected me with my Father in a powerful way. They are words written by a man that I admire and respect with all of my heart and by a man who I know sits and listens at His heavenly Fathers feet.

Whether you’re in a place of pain or joy, this CD will bring you new life.

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