Today’s Agenda

I have a quite a day ahead! It's going to be exciting. It's going to be fun. And...It's a huge opportunity and responsibility. I have the privilege of leading 3 assemblies at Hannah Beardsly Middle School in Crystal Lake, IL. And, I'm leading a talk for the schools student leaders. This is the unbelievably spectacular... Continue Reading →


Exciting Opportunity

I had an exciting conversation last month with a long time mentor, Terry Prisk. Terry is the Pastor of a great church in Hartland, MI called the River Community Church. He started the church 10 years ago and it has grown and become an amazing church.  Over the summer, Terry asked me to be a... Continue Reading →

Phrases Leaders Must Say…and Mean!

John C. Maxwell taught me and millions that Leaders are influencers. You can either influence people positively or negatively. Whether you lead staff or volunteers, these phrases are a must for you to say to your people and mean them! 1. What do you think? Leaders must ask for thoughts from their...boss, peers, employees, volunteers.... Continue Reading →

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