What do you take for granted?

I take a lot of things for granted! Period. 

I’m trying very hard to stop.

It’s amazing when you really pay start paying attention to the little things, how much you notice you take for granted.

The picture in this post is my son Zach searching through an ice cream freezer section at Walmart. Most of us could buy anything from that section and enjoy it. He can’t.

Because of his PKU, there might be 3 things in that entire isle he could have. I take it for granted all the time that I can walk into a grocery store an buy virtually anything I want.

Zach can’t. And, actually, two of my kids have PKU. Madison has it as well. In most grocery stores, outside of fruits and vegetables, there isn’t too much they can eat. We have to buy them special low protein food from a few online stores and the cost is astronomical. A few times a year, we travel to Chicago as a family and when we’re there we always stop at Lil’s Dietary. It’s a special grocery store that actually stocks the food they can have. They have an 2 small isles, but it’s amazing how much they love actually taking stuff off the shelf. This is a picture of Zach at Lil’s last year. Man, he’s grown!

Now that Zach’s getting older, it’s really hard watching him learn how to deal with his PKU. He fights feeling of anger and bitterness because he’s virtually always left out. We do the best we can to always have ‘his’ food ready for him, but you would be surprised how hard that is at times.

As a dad, part of me knows that the struggle he’s going through is good. And as a dad, I would do anything I could to take away his PKU.

He’s teaching me a ton about life and not taking it for granted.

Oh, by the way. He was searching for an ice cream product made out of coconut milk. He can a little of that and both he and Madie love it!

What are you taking for granted?


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