The Answer We’re Looking For…

Is in the Church.

I believe passionately that the LOCAL CHURCH must get involved and do something about Bullying! The Church teaches God’s word and the reality is, the answer to bullying is in God’s word!

The Church must address it and help bring an end to Bullying!

I was running on Easter morning and I ran by the first Church that I worked at…Covenant Community Church, in Redford, MI. Memory after memory began to swell within me of all the great people and students I was blessed to serve with at Covenant. Covenant has always had a sign right by the street that they advertise on or put a fun or serious inspirational quote on. I don’t remember what the quote was as I ran by, but a giant thought hit me as I looked at the sign and it ALMOST KNOCKED ME OVER.

I believe the thought and vision was from God and it came at the exact moment I was praying for favor from God with schools and with administrators and I believe He laid a new dream and vision on my heart!

Here’s the vision and dream….

I believe He’s called me to wake up the local Church to do something about bullying! 

I believe He’s laid a dream and a vision on my heart to go to as many Churches, Student Ministries, College Ministries, and Family Ministries that I possibly can and URGE them to do something and make it a priority to teach the second half of the great commandment…“love your neighbor as yourself”. I know many Churches do teach the great commandment, but I think the Church just doesn’t talk about our relationships enough.

The reality is…bullying can end with one person’s decision at a time to treat others better. I believe that’s true. When we begin loving each other as Christ loves the Church, bullying will end. So, I’m asking the Church to do something about it. I’m asking the Church to rise up and bring hope to students to parents and to schools.

I just personally believe the “Church” spends so much time, energy and resources on people who are far from our backyards. I know it is unbelievably important to help those in need in other parts of the world, but when we ignore our kids, students and our college students in our own backyard, that’s when I believe times have to change.

Here’s are some ways the Local Church can bring an end to Bullying…

1. Invest ridiculous amounts of financial resources in its children’s, students, college students and adult small groups. Period! This is where I personally believe a giant amount of resources should be directed by the church budget. I’m all for supporting mission work, but not at the expense of our kids.

2. Teach the words of Jesus…”love one another”. I mean, really teach people and students how to Love each other. Teach what love is and then teach it again and again.

3. Address Bullying. Remind God’s children of our calling, our task, and our mission to LOVE. It’s not to bully, it’s not to be petty, it’s not to talk about each behind backs…it’s about to LOVE. We need to teach people how to treat each other from the words of Jesus.

4. Support our schools and organizations trying to help the schools. Every year North Coast Church in San Diego takes a weekend off from their services and head into schools and does an amazing amount of work for them! It’s an absolutely amazing initiative and they have absolutely blessed their community. We must do more things like this! I think the Church should also support organizations like Kid’s Hope and Live Now and send them into schools to be an ambassador for Christ.

5. Be available for Schools. Schools need help, why can’t we encourage people from our church to volunteer? Or offer our buildings for schools to use for free. Why do we have to charge schools?!? I know many Churches that host graduations and charge schools, why??? We can also ask what they need and SUPPLY it. I know teachers who are writing grants to hopefully get technology needs for their classrooms. Why can’t the Church provide those? Churches spend so much money feeding their own, why not feed families at schools or bring snacks and treats and gifts to teachers. There are so many opportunities to give!

6. Pray. We must pray! We must ask God to end bullying. We must ask God to give our students courage to face bullying and our parents strength to teach our kids to end bullying. We must pray for God’s favor with schools and for trust to be built with school administrators. There is absolutely no reason that Schools and Churches can’t co-exist and help each other. We have to stop putting up walls. We need to start reaching out and thinking of kids.

The local Church must do something.

We can’t sit by the sidelines and let the ‘experts’ be the only ones to deal with this issue. Let’s end bullying!

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    1. Thanks! I love that mission statement! That’s it! If we could get more people to live that out passionately our neighborhoods and our world would be so different!

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