My Kids are Starting a New School

I love my kids. I have 4 of them. They’re a HUGE a blessing. 

I believe that I have been given a sacred privilege to parent them and raise them up in the ways of God. If I never “succeed” at anything else, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I take advantage of the time I have now and I use it wisely to help my kids in every way that I can.

My kids are starting a new school. You would think we were a military family with how many times my kids had to start at a new school. It’s something that weighs heavily on my heart and it’s a huge regret of mine as a dad. But, I’ve also met people who were moved much more than our family and their kids turned out great, so we’ll see.

Because they’re starting a new school, we’ve been talking to them a lot about this school year. I want to do everything that I can to prepare them and help them think through it.

Ways we’re trying to Help my kids have a great Start to the School Year

1. We’re preparing. We’re going over the details a lot. Because it’s a new school, we’re spending a great amount of time talking the details through.

2. We’re talking. And…we’re talking some more. We are talking about the start and the school year a lot. We’re being very INTENTIONAL. We’re talking about what the first morning will be like. What’s the first thing we’ll do when we wake up. What it will be like when we walk up the first time.

3. We’re encouraging. Everyday, as many times as we possibly can! We’re giving them reminders that they’re going to meet new friends and they’re teachers are going to be great.

4. We’re praying. A ton. A lot. All the time. We are actually going to take our kids to their new schools and pray with them outside their schools and ask for God’s blessings.

BECAUSE…I am not as concerned with them getting straight A’s as I am about them being witnesses and representing Christ. I’m praying that God gives them courage to be school changers. That they will represent Christ and be Kind, and Respectful. That teachers and students will notice the difference in them.

And…that they will stand up for those being mistreated and will love those doing the mistreating!

5. We’re introducing. Every chance I get, I’m trying to find other kids their age to introduce them too.

I’m praying for a great start, but not only a great start, but a great school year!

What are some other ways that I can help my kids have a great start?

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