I took a break from Church

I took a break from Church and

I liked it. 

And you know what, I’m not even ashamed about it.

I’ve been in/a part/around/at Church for a very long time. My parents worked at our Church when I was in jr. high and when I was 20 years old a Church hired me to be their youth pastor. For 17 years I served local Churches. I attended Christian school from K-12 and outside of a year at Eastern Michigan, I went to bible college.

I’ve served small Churches. Church plants. Traditional Churches. Contemporary Churches. Denominational Churches. Non-Denominational Churches. Large Churches. VERY Large Churches. Churches stuck in Traditional. Churches unwilling to change. Churches who reached out and Churches who wouldn’t.

Then, almost 5 months ago, I left my position as Assistant Pastor at Community Church and I started Live Now Leadership.

Now, don’t me get wrong or misunderstand what I’m saying.

I didn’t totally check out of Church.

I didn’t give up on the Church. 

I have spent the last 5 months teaching at summer camps, teaching at Churches and traveling. Plus, our family moved to a new town and we’ve building our little fledgling non-profit start-up. And, we’ve visited a bunch of other Churches in our area.

And…in that time…I still read about the Church, I studied the Church, I even dreamed of starting a Church, I have had conversations with Pastors, Church attenders and Church planters.

I talk about God with my kids, we talk about the stories of God, we talk about Jesus and we pray together.

Plus, I listen to 2-3 sermons online almost every day!

So, in some ways I took a break from Church and in other ways, well, I didn’t.

What I did take a break from was regularly attending the Church I served at. It was my intent to keep attending like normal after I left my staff position, but what I’ve known for many years and have always tried to do after I left a Church staff was disappear from the Church. It makes it easier on the people you lead, and the staff to move on. It’s very hard, especially if God gave  you favor with the people you lead, for them to follow a new leader if the old leader is still around. That’s just what I’ve found.

And, to be very honest, very authentic and very real…it was very hard to keep attending. I’ll write more about that when I can, but it was very hard. This year has actually, probably been the toughest year of my life.

So, I took a break from Church and I liked it.

The break is over and I’m excited about the ways that I believe God has put it on my heart to serve the Church. He’s been speaking to me almost daily about how I can serve my Church and serve it’s leaders…so I’m excited!

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  1. Good post Jason.
    Speaks to the masses who are moving towards being the Church more than merely or fervently attending Church, as well as the so-called un-Churched.

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