I Am Called to Speak & Teach

I’m a speaker

I have been since the 5th grade, maybe even before that. I have always loved the privilege of standing up in front of any size group of people and encouraging and motivating them.

I love to tell stories. I love to teach God’s word. I love to weave truth with practical application.

It’s been an amazing journey. For 17 years, I regularly taught for the local Church. For 15 years, I’ve had the honor of teaching all over the globe for audiences of all shapes and sizes.

If there is anything that gives me life…it’s speaking. 

Every part of the speaking process is my favorite part. I love developing relationships with the people who’ve asked me to come speak. I love brainstorming ideas to speak about. I love doing the research and wrestling with the big idea & text. I love writing and editing. I love practicing. I love praying for the group that I’ll be speaking for and I love speaking.

I’m a speaker. 

I’ve wrestled with that a long time. As a Pastor, speaking & teaching was a part of my job, and I always wondered if I was called to go out and speak to different audiences.

Now I know, I absolutely know, that’s what I’m called to do. It gives me a great peace and gives me great focus and clarity on what I’m trying to accomplish.

My hope and my prayer is that God will open unbelievable doors with Churches, with Camps, with Conferences, with Schools, with Colleges, with Universities and with Businesses to encourage and motivate them.

My desire is to help people Live a Great Story with their lives.

That’s it.

Simple…but so complex.

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