Stop Holding…Start Sharing…a relationship must

I just don’t understand.

I mean, I really don’t get it.

It’s actually hard for me to comprehend!

Here’s what baffles my mind. Too often…People/leaders/bosses/co-workers/family/friends/parents

Hold in Encouraging Words.

Why? Why do we hold them in instead of Sharing them. Can anybody to me explain why this is? Words, especially Encouraging words, have the ability to LAUNCH us. They can be an incredible catalyst. Words can shape us and redirect our passions and desires. They have the potential to help us aspire to greatness.

Yet, too often, we think of a compliment or we think of something nice to say…and we hold it in!

This has to stop!

Start Sharing Encouraging Words. 

This is a relationship must. Here are some ways to share something encouraging everyday.

1. Share with the people in your inner core. What do you think would happen if you made it a priority to share something encouraging with your core group everyday? Can you even imagine the good that would come from that? Maybe we wouldn’t have time to argue? Maybe we would move one from name calling or back biting? I don’t know, just maybe.

2. If you think of something positive, share it. It’s amazing how often we have a great thought to share, but we just hold it in. Or we forget to share it. Or we run out of time.

3. Say it with a hand written card. I send a lot of cards. My goal is 20 a week! If someone blesses me with their time, they get a card. I love to encourage people and I think cards are a great way to do that!

4. Share something on their Facebook wall. Yeah, pretty simple.

What are some other ways?

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