All you need is Love…

The Beatles said…’All you need is Love’ and yes, I believe that. But, I also believe we need and help and support.

So, would you consider supporting Live Now Leadership?

Live Now is a non-profit organization I started earlier this year because of a burden God put on my heart to help students and parents fight bullying. Live Now exits to teach them how to end bullying by choosing unprecedented amounts of kindness. We do that by speaking at assemblies, leading classroom conversations, hosting parenting workshops, and training teachers.

The other side of Live Now is my speaking ministry. I’ve been teaching in local Churches since 1995 and I’ve been traveling as a speaker since 1998. I love to encourage and motivate adults and students to Love God Passionately and to Love Others Selflessly. My hope is to partner with as many Churches, Camps, Conferences, Schools, and Colleges as I possibly can.

This is what I believe God has lead and called me to do and to be honest, I need your help and can’t do this without you.

Simple ways to help Live Now?

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Send a School administrator our promotional video and recommend they look into booking Live Now for their school.
  3. Encourage your Pastor/Youth Pastor or Church Leaders to partner with Live Now or have me speak at your Church.  Here’s some info to pass on.
  4. Pray for us and financially support us.

If there is anything I can do for you, don’t hestitate to ask! Thanks for considering!

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