You MUST have Lunch with ‘Terry’

On my way down to OH yesterday, I stopped and had lunch with one of my first mentors, Terry Prisk. Last week, I blogged about speaking at his church here. 

Well, it was a great lunch! As I think about how much I owe this man, it’s amazing! If you added up all the hours, the time, the phone calls, the meetings he spent teaching and coaching me…well, I would be broke!

Here’s something I’ve learned about leadership…

You MUST have lunch with ‘Terry’


Ok, I’m not saying everyone has to go have lunch with my first mentor!


But what I am saying is…

You have to find someone who is where you want to be and…

Sit with them.

Learn from them.

Ask them questions.


Write down every word they say.

Listen to their stories.

We as leaders aren’t going to grow if we don’t get around people who have more influence and who have experienced more life than us. Simple. Now, I believe we can learn from anybody. We can learn from younger leaders and inexperienced leaders as well. But, at some point, if we can get around leaders who have been there and done that, they will teach us an incredible amount of real life wisdom. Leaders who are out on the front lines. Leaders who reading more than we are and who have experienced deeper leadership.

I have been speaking to people (students and adults) for almost 20 years. And…I have always done it. I did it in middle school, high school and college. I have taught on hundreds of stages across the world. But, today I sat across from a man whose taught on thousands of stages and for thousands of people. What I learned was invaluable. You can’t even put a price tag on it!

It was only an hour and I felt like I went to leadership school. For that hour I was enrolled in a speaking & leadership business course and I walked away with a page full of life giving notes that will help me become the speaker and leader I so want to be!

Plus to hear his heart for God…INSPIRING!

Find your ‘Terry’ and get across a table from him or her.

I am blessed to have a few Terry’s in my life. They’re not all called Terry…that would be confusing, but they are called…Jay & Laura, Kevin, and Dave and every time time I get a chance to be with them…

It changes my…

Life and my Leadership.

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  1. Thanks for another great post Jason!

    For many, many years I have done my best to practice the principle of “everyone needs a Paul, Timothy and Barnabas in their life”!

    We need to “find a Paul” (someone we learn from, who disciples us, who mentors us, someone who is ‘one step ahead’ of us in the journey) … we need to “invest in a Timothy” (someone we can train, pour into, invest in, disciple, mentor) and we need to “be a Barnabas” (someone who encourages, ‘sharpens’, rebukes, believes in you, knows you and still loves you)!

    We need to make 2 Timothy 2:2 a non-negotiable in our lives!

    As the old saying goes, “Only one life – it will soon be past – only what is done for Christ will last”!

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