Be one of the 30 or 40

Yes, that’s right…You can be a part! 

30-40 people is all that it will take! 

You’re saying…that’s not a lot of people!?!

Oh…YES…it is!

Would you consider being a part of this incredible group of people?

A team and a group of people who are committed to bringing…


For who?

Students of all ages. Parents of all stages. Schools of every kind. 

Live Now Leadership is a non-profit organization that relies on the sacrificial financial gifts of individuals and businesses.

These gifts help us continue building relationships and partnerships with Schools (Elementary to Colleges), develop content for our student and parent resources, speak and train students and parents and most importantly…

Help Bring an End to Bullying!

We’re looking for 30 people to give a dollar a day. Or $30 dollars a month. Amazing that for a dollar a day you can stand with us and help end bullying.

We’re also looking for 10 people to give $100 dollars a month.

These gifts are tax-deductible and you receive a year-end giving statement.

If you will be one of the 30 or 40, please email me (

Please send your donation to: Live Now Leadership, PO Box 1646, Mt Pleasant, MI 48801.

Thanks for considering!

OH, I almost forgot…here’s what you’ll get:

1. You’ll be a part of the Live Now team. That means you will get monthly emails from Jason updating you on the work of Live Now.

2. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your playing a huge role in bringing an end to bullying.

3. You’ll be supporting a HUGE dream and helping Change lives.

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