3 Ways to Make Memories w/My Kids

My kids are my life. Pure and Simple. Parenting is extremely sacred to me and my goal as a dad is to train up my kids in the ways of God. My heart’s desire is for them to Love God Passionately and to Love Others Selflessly.

I am in OH tonight because tomorrow I’m speaking at the Grace Christian School middle school retreat tomorrow. I’m so honored to share with a great group of students!

BUT…More on that later…

In the Raitz house, because Dad has traveled often for the last ten years to speak, when the Raitz kids turn 8…they get to come alone with dad (if it works out) on a trip. So, this is Zach’s first trip with Dad. Needless to say, he’s a little exited! I am excited! We have a blast together and I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

Bekah has traveled with me to CA, KS and OH. Bobby has gone on a trip to OH with me and now it’s Zach’s turn.

It’s also the first time I’ve traveled alone with him and have been in charge of his diet. My wife sent with me with everything we needed, but it’s up to Zach and I to make sure we don’t mess up. Because of his PKU, traveling is a bit different. Nothing major at all, but we just need to bring some extra stuff and pay close attention.

Anyways, I want him to remember this trip for a long time to come! I want to laugh as we tell stories about it and I want him to remember it forever!

3 Ways I Want to Make Memories for my Kids

1. Let him do the mundane stuff. Too often parents forget that opening hotel doors is actually really fun for kids. I want him to open it every time. I want to spend as much time as he wants in the pool. I want to watch what he wants.

2. Talk, Ask Questions and Talk some more. I want be careful and discern how much, but I want to be an Zachary James Raitz expert at the end of this trip!

  • I’m going to ask him about his favorites: movie, action figure, toys, candy, food
  • I’m going to ask him what he loves
  • I’m going to ask him what he thinks about God
  • I’m going to ask him if he has conversations with God
  • I”m going to ask him how he’s doing with his PKU
  • I’m going to ask him how I can be a better dad

3. Do unexpected stuff. We have a schedule, but I want to keep him guessing. Whether it’s getting a slurpee for breakfast, pretending we’re ninjas, singing and dancing in Walmart or just having fun.

I hope in 20 years we’ll laugh and talk about this trip!

Oh yeah…here’s one more way:

I’m going to tell him I love him as many times as I can.

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