Live Now Needs You…

I sent an email last night to a group of people who pray for me and the work I’m doing with Live Now Leadership. I thought I would share it as well on my blog.

To: The Most Awesome People Ever

From: Jason Raitz

Subject: How you can pray for Live Now


I hope you have had a great summer! We had a great summer mixed with exhaustion, moving, traveling and being so incredibly blessed we didn’t know how to deal with it all!
But, I’m sending you this email to ask you for your prayers. You’re the closest people to me, my family and Live Now and I’m emailing you to ask for some major prayer!
Here’s the story…
In 5 months, Live Now has come a long way. It’s been a fantastic journey and I am continually amazed at the ministry moments God opens up for Live Now!
  • Just recently we’ve brought on a few volunteers who are spending many hours a week contacting schools and helping us build partnerships with them.
  • My speaking and teaching calendar is filling up towards the end of the year.
  • We have a HUGE partnership opportunity with one of the regional campuses for Willow Creek Church in September. I actually blogged about it here.  It’s going to be amazing!
Anyways, we’re just getting started!
But…we’re at a crucial stage financially. Our primary income comes from two sources: donations to Live Now and Teaching honorariums. Without a huge boost in consistent, monthly gifts to Live Now, we won’t be able to exist how we’re operating currently.
These gifts, as small as ten dollars a month and as large as a 150 dollars a month, give us the opportunity to meet with School administrators, write content to help parents and students, write and finish our book (‘Live a Great Story, Now’), speak and teach at Churches/Camps/Conferences and Schools.
We’re seeing a HUGE amount of momentum and interest in Live Now. Daily I’m having conversations with principals and parents that I believe are God-ordained. I have felt so blessed to be Christ’s ambassador in places I never thought was possible.
All this to bring a message to schools that Students and Parents can choose Kindness over Bullying! It’s possible!
Here’s the Prayer Request(s)
We’ are sending out August support letter out this week and asking and believing that God will send us 40 monthly givers to Live Now. Would you pray He sends us 30 individuals or families who could commit to giving 30 dollars a month (a dollar a day) and 10 families who could support Live Now with a 100 dollars a month?
Would you also pray for favor on the hundreds of emails and calls to schools, conferences, churches and organizations?
Pray for doors to be opened with Schools, Colleges and Conferences.
Ok, thanks! You all mean the world to me and I so appreciate your prayers. Please know I pray for you and your families all the time!

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