An Incredible Outreach Idea and Story

A few months ago I received a call from an old friend. When I met Scott, he lead the student ministry for one of the campuses of Willow Creek Church in the Chicago land area. Now a-days, he oversees the Outreach ministry for that same campus. I have so admired him over the years. His faithfulness to his church and the way he pours out his heart is incredible!

An Incredible Outreach Idea

He had found out that I started Live Now Leadership and he called me with a GREAT idea. His wanted to partner together and give his community a huge blessing. The Church is going to sponsor Live Now to speak at 3 assemblies for a local middle school, do a seminar for the leadership students and be a part of a Sunday night event that will educate the community on bullying.

It’s really amazing in a few ways…

1. It’s truly visionary! I love Scott’s heart and how his Church wants to help their community with the huge issue of bullying.

2. It’s truly giving. How incredible is it that the Church is helping sponsor the event and creating ways to provide practical help for students and parents.

3.  It’s truly a blessing. Churches today sponsor and help so many great organization. So many organizations that exist to help Africa and other countries would not exist without the help of local churches.

But, my hope is that the local Church would radically increase their support to organizations that exist to bring positive change to our own schools. That’s why I love this story!

The Story unfolds…

In just over a month, I will have the privilege to be a part of this awesome partnership and I absolutely can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this outreach. My prayer is that this story will be used to inspire and encourage many Churches to sponsor outreach events like this one for their communities!

Sponsor Live Now Leadership

If you would like information on how your Church or Youth Group can sponsor a bullying assembly or parent workshop for your local school, don’t hesitate to contact me right away! Email me at

If you would like to see a short promotional video about Live Now, click here.

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