The Question Leaders Are Afraid to Ask

For 17 years I worked/served the local Church. Before that I worked for the city of Southfield as a carpenters apprentice, I worked as a roofer, a sou chef and a baseball/soccer coach for a Christian school. For more than 20 years I have worked around other leaders, under leaders, and have lead others. In that time, I have been lead by good and bad leaders, have lead in good and bad ways and have made lots of good and bad leadership decisions.

I have been a student of leadership since my days in middle school. Even then, I had a desire to be influencer…whether it was from the front or the back.

Leadership is my Passion

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own leadership and the type of leader I have been and the type of leader I have a strong desire to be. I turn 37 in September and this season of life is one where God is teaching me so much. I feel like I’m in a refining and a very challenging time.

Because of all this, I have been thinking about my leadership and leadership in general.

Here are some initial thoughts on the type of leader I want to be…

  • I want to influence people to live a great story with their lives
  • I want to model humility & servanthood
  • I want to be an incredible listener and someone who remembers the depth of the details I was told
  • I want to continually push those in my inner circle to better leaders
  • I don’t want to settle for average and I want to be embrace change
  • I want to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus and lead others to His feet

AND…I want to continually ask the question that I think most leaders are afraid to ask…

What can I do to improve as a Leader?

Don’t get me wrong, lot’s of leaders ask that question. But, typically they ask themselves that question and that’s only one part of the equation.

As leaders, we MUST ask the people we lead or are in close relationship with as well! We must ask for their genuine, truthful and honest opinion. And…we must ask from an open and honest standpoint.

I have found that leaders just don’t ask that question very often.

Why is that?

Our leadership will change for the better is we get over the fear of asking that very powerful question.

So, make a list of both the people you know want to hear that answer from and the people you don’t, and start asking.

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