A Blessed Life

My family and I get to experience something this week that we haven’t had much experience with…vacation!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done a lot of traveling. But, most of the time our vacation or traveling also coincides with me teaching at a summer camp. And, that is pretty darn awesome! We’ve had a lot of great experiences at summer camps as a family. But, it’s not quite vacation when you teach twice a day and deal with the exhaustion that comes from teaching.

But, this upcoming week, we get to spend away and with each other. The last time we had time away like this was a few days we got to spend in California 4 years ago. It was absolutely amazing!

This trip wouldn’t be possible without some absolutely HUGE blessings from some incredible friends.

First…our entire conference was paid for! That means our hotel and registration costs were taken of by an prize entry that Tracie entered our family in. Because of that simple move, our family won this incredible trip!! Without this incredible gift, we wouldn’t have been able to afford this trip.

This is not only an incredible experience for Tracie and I to learn more from leading PKU researchers and doctors, but for Zach & Madie it’s an absolutely unbelievable opportunity! The conference provides some incredible food for PKU’er’s and it’s one of the only times in Zach & Madie’s life that they can walk up to a food table and grab whatever they want. We forget how much of our lives revolve around food and because of that, they are constantly left out. This is an incredible time for them to not feel left out.

Second…our very good friends are letting us borrow their mini-van for the week! Who does that??? We’ve had two sets of friends this summer let us borrow their vans and we’ve been so blessed! It’s amazing how blessed we are and I can’t thank these families enough!

Third…God blessed us with a few days before the conference to head to New York City. None of this would have happened without a few amazing gifts from friends.

Again, we are a blessed family!



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