Through the Valley, Over the Hurdles and Up the Hills

I was telling a close friend last week that I think 2012 has been the hardesttoughest year of my short 36 years (almost 37) on planet earth.

I know that’s quite a statement and I’ve had quite a few rough years, but 2012 takes the cake.

This past year has felt like I’ve been taking a long walk through a very long valley, with many hurdles and many rocky hills.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not all been tough. It’s not been all pain. It’s not been all struggle.

There have been incredibly high moments. I am a very blessed man. I have a wife of 15 years who has stuck by me and supported me and has loved me throughout all of our ups and downs. I have 4 incredibly wonderful kids. I have parents who continually amaze me with their support and love. I have a core group of mentors who have been pouring into me for many, many years. I have friends in my inner core who have been there and continue to check in on me and love me.

I have had some pretty amazing opportunities to tell those far from Christ about His amazing love. I have had some great moments to teach and speak to many students and adults. I have been able to pray for and care for so many!

And…I have a God who is faithful and who has been speaking so clearly to me…it’s really been amazing.

What I love about the valley’s, the hurdles and the hills is this…

It’s not fun to go through them, but once you do, you can find & experience the beauty that comes from pain. 

I am so excited about the future. I know that God has been and will continue refining the rough areas of my life and I know that the seasons of valley, of hurdles, of hills will ultimately bring me to a great place.

I can’t remember a time when my heart has been so full and so ready to experience the things and the ways of God. I know He is laying huge dreams on my heart and I can’t wait to experience the Kingdom size vision He has given me. Now is the time to sit and listen and to reflect on His beauty, His majesty, His grace, and His Love.

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