The Church pt. 1

For 17 years I served the local Church with great amounts passion and energy. I believe to my core that I gave the Church the best of what I had to give. I was taught a strong work ethic as a child and I believe I brought that to the Churches I served at. And…it wasn’t hard to do because…

I love the Church.

I believe with everything that I am that the local Church is the hope of the world. I absolutely agree with the author and vision caster of that statement, Bill Hybels. When I worked at Willow Creek Church, it never got old hearing Bill say those words. It never did because he was so incredibly passionate about them and he believed it to his core.

The funny thing is, I actually never wanted to work at a Church when I was growing up. People told me all the time as a kid that I would be a pastor someday. My parents, my Pastors, my teachers and even my friends. But, I refused. I was going to be a music teacher. But, that all changed in July of 1994. I was at a Sunday school convention and I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit on my heart and I knew that God was calling me to be a Pastor.

So, I changed schools. Transferred from Eastern Michigan University to William Tyndale Bible College and started to work on a degree in Pastoral Studies. Then, I noticed an ad on the job board for a youth pastor and it was a Church in my own neighborhood. I applied and long story short, I got the job.

That started my love for the Church!

From that point I gave the Church everything I had. I loved her and I believed that there was nothing more important in life than the Kingdom. There was and is nothing better than seeing the light bulb come on inside someone’s heart and life when they become passionately in love with Jesus.

That was 17 years ago and I’m still as passionate, if not more, about the Church today.

The Church has been a great love of mine over the years. Honestly speaking, too much at times. There were seasons in my life that I loved the Church more than I loved my wife. There were many seasons that I gave the Church my best time, my best energy, my best thoughts and my family got the scraps.

There have been seasons where I was so angry and frustrated at the people who made the decisions for the Church, that I almost walked away from the Church. There have been seasons where I experienced so much joy from the people who made up the Church because of their amazing hearts and their passion to reach people.

At my core, after 17 years of serving and working for the ‘Church’ and spending my entire life growing up in a Church, I whole-heartedly agree with Billy Hybels that…

The local Church is the hope of the world…when it is working right.

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