First Helping or Left Overs?

Obviously I write a lot about relationships. It’s a HUGE passion of mine. And, I really think it should be a passion for everyone.

We were made to be in relationship with God and each other. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to take an interest on how they can improve their relationships.

Here’s my quick thought for the day on relationships…

Am I a first helping kind of friend or a Left Overs kind of friend?

What does that mean? It means that we should be constantly asking ourselves…do I give my family and friends and really anyone I come into contact with my absolute best or do I give them my left overs?

It’s an obvious illustration. We all know when we’re giving people the kind of ‘first helping’ relationship they deserve. And, we all know when we give our family or friends or a stranger our ‘left overs’.

I think we should try to give them our…

time:  nothing means more than giving someone your time

ear: nothing means more than truly listening to someone

love: nothing means more than really loving someone

patience: nothing means more than being patient with someone

full attention:  nothing means more than giving someone your full attention

care:  nothing means more than truly caring for them

Do you give your first helping or your left overs?


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