Don’t forget to hug and say good-bye!

One of my relationship 101’s is this…

My goal is to try (doesn’t always happen) to hug people and say good-bye when they leave or I leave.

I know, pretty simple. But…I believe it’s HUGE!

Now, I’m not saying we hug everybody and say good-bye to everybody we come in contact with. But, I am saying that a powerful way to honor those closest to us is to say good-bye and give them a hug.

I learned this lesson the hard way. On December 25, 1995 I left a Christmas party at my uncles and quickly said good-bye to family. I always hugged my Grandma Raitz. I didn’t hug her that day. I left for a trip to MN and a week later she was killed in a car accident on Jan. 2, 1996.

Yesterday I was at the funeral for my wife’s grandmother. It was an amazing celebration of a godly woman. One thing I will always remember about her is that she always hugged people when they left. She too lost a family member, her brother, in a car accident and decided to always hug people.

I know not everyone likes hugs. But, I try to take a few minutes when I leave and let family and friends know how much they mean to me by just saying good-bye and giving them a hug.

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