Would you drop everything?

Do you have people or friends in your life who would drop everything to help you?

Last night, I found out that I did.

These past 4-5 months have been both terribly exciting for me as I was figuring out next steps in following the dream that God has placed on my heart. But, they have also been extremely stressful and anxiety filled. Stepping away from a steady paycheck and health insurance to start something from scratch is both rewarding and stressful. Lot’s of ups and downs. Lot’s of prayer. Lot’s of faith.

Transitioning is hard. You’ve got to deal with an amazing amount of complex emotions and then the emotions of the people your close with. For some of my former co-workers, me leaving was really tough and our relationships are different. I understand and I’m working hard to remind them that I still love them and believe in them.

And, I’ve gone from working in teams for 17 years to working with myself. Don’t me wrong, I have friends and people who are helping and that’s a huge blessing.

But, it’s a little of both worlds. Exciting and Stressful.

That brings me to today

This week is a pretty important week for Live Now Leadership. I speak at my first assembly tomorrow and then tomorrow night I’m hosting a ‘Meet Live Now’ night on the campus of CMU. The thing I need most is a demo video to show schools that I can communicate and tomorrow we’re getting a ton of footage. Because of 2 great men and great friends, they are going to film both events.

Tomorrow night is huge, because I’m asking everybody I  know to drop their Thursday night plans and come out and support me and Live Now. If we have 50 people show up, it’s going to take a lot of creativity to film. So, I’m hoping and praying for 100 or so. It’s a big ask of people, but I believe whole-heartedly and passionately about how we’re trying end bullying and I hope all ages will come and hear.

On Monday I was thinking to myself…typically during stressful or really important seasons something tends to go wrong and I starting thanking God for the amazing, AMAZING, amount of blessings He’s been pouring on Live Now, me and my family. Then, yesterday I noticed the car started weird. Then, when I was leaving Church last night it wouldn’t start, but finally did. I made it to a gas station and then it died. And, it went out strong! Smoke, burning, noises, the whole deal.

I sat in my car and I thought, OK, this will either make me stronger or pull me down. You choose Jason!

Would you drop everything?

As I sat there, I wondered who to call. We live a long ways out of town and we just had work down on our car thanks to an amazing gift from a dear friend. And, I knew all the people that I would call and did call first, were in small groups back at Church. So, I knew they wouldn’t answer, because they couldn’t, so I had Tracie turn to Facebook.

Amazing that after seconds people responded from all over. What a blessing. Friends who would drop everything to come help out another friend. Eventually, friends from Church called as well. So, I had the car towed and was able to borrow a friends car.

It’s really made me think about my friendships though. Would I drop everything to help a friend out? I hope I do. It’s my goal and it’s the kind of life I want to lead.

Still stressed this morning. But, I know God provides amazingly for me and my family and I put my trust in Him.

It’s going to be an amazing day!


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