Unprecedented Kindess is possible…IF…

I’ve heard it said…

‘Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see’

And, I believe that to be true.

What if I, what if we…treated each other with Unprecedented Kindness? I wonder what would change. I wonder what would be different in our world? I wonder what would be different in my life?

Have you ever had a friend that consistently went way out of their way to treat you with kindness? Not just now and then. And, more than just them picking up the tab at lunch once a year or sending you a nice thank you card every other year, but CONSISTENTLY went out of their way to POUR kindness on you.

If you’ve had or have that kind of friend, you know that it can change your life. You know that it can give you strength to face new challenges. It can help you climb out of the darkness you may be in and it can give you the wind you need to keep pursuing your dream.

But, here’s the reality, it is HARD and DIFFICULT to consistently treat someone with that level of kindness. It’s hard because we’re human! It’s hard because we mess up and make mistakes. It’s hard because we get jealous and envious and we covet other people and their stuff and their gifts. It’s hard because we’re not perfect.

What if we try?

What if we really try? What if we each individually picked 3-5 people who we were going to work extra hard to be unprecedentedly kind to? What if that became our focus?


That’s what would happen. That could happen. People would have trusted friends and advisors. They would have new family members. They would have new brother and sisters. They would have support. They would have a foundation. They could live out their dreams. They would have new life.

Treating others with unprecedented Kindness is possible….IF…we really try.

What Unprecedented Kindness Looks Like

1. Kindness starts with someone being an expert about someone else. Not the creepy stalker type! But, someone who authentically takes notes about someone else’s life. They remember the little things.

…Favorite foods, favorite movies, favorite books, favorite stuff to do, Birthdays, etc.

Kindness remembers and kindness asks how people they’re doing. How they’re really doing. And, they remember and they ask about the details later.

2. Kindness is REALLY praying for someone else. Not just the “I’ll pray for you” or “I prayed for you” type of prayer and that’s really our prayer for them. But, the kind of prayer that takes time to actually pray on their behalf. Asking and begging and pleading with God to bless their life. To give them favor. To open up new doors. For God to draw them closer to Him. Kindness is really praying for someone.

3. Kindness is giving them patience. Everyone needs patience because we’re all messy. We all make mistakes.

Just recently I’ve experienced an unbelievable patience from a friend. I’ve been in a season where at times I let worry and stress and anxiety overwhelm me. Sometimes when that happens, I am not proud of some of the ways I deal with it all. Insecurity sneaks in and begins to lead me. And that insecurity heads in to my friendships and the side affects aren’t anything I’m proud of!

Well, I’ve have a friend who has been ridiculously patient with me and it means the world to me.

4. Kindness is victory over pleasing yourself. Kindness is victory is selfishness. Kindness is really forgetting or pushing our  needs and wants and desires to the bottom of the list and bringing the needs and wants and desires of our friends and family to the very top of the list.

Can you even imagine if we all lived this way? Can you imagine what the world would be like if we treated each other with Unprecedented kindness?

Bullying would end.

Hate would retreat.

Slander would back down.

Gossip would slide away.


Lives Would Change.

Unprecedented Kindness is possible…IF…We really try and we do our absolute best.

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