Doing Life with Less

 I’ve been thinking about this concept and life philosophy a lot lately.

Doing Life with Less.

The reality is…I don’t need more stuff.

The reality is…I NEED God more.

Doing Life with More stuff means that I may have less time for God. It may mean that my stuff may start to control me. Or, I might start spending more time than I would like just taking care of my stuff.

So, is it possible to do Life with Less?

Especially when everywhere we turn we’re encouraged to get more stuff. Or we notice a neighbor has more. Or our kids come home from school and ask for more when they find out their friends have more.

I have never really been a pack rat. I have never liked clutter. I know though that some people do. Years ago I worked with someone who had piles in their office from the floor to ceiling at all times. They just couldn’t come to grips with letting stuff go.

Is that wrong? No. But, when the more of life takes away from the more of God, then yes, then it’s wrong.

The 1 Car Plan

We have been a one car family in the past and we’re a one car family again. About 4-5 months ago, we sold our mini-van and started using just our car. The crazy thing is…it has 6 seats and there are 6 of us. CRAZY, I KNOW!

But, we’re making it work. An incredibly gracious family sold us the car at an unbelievable cost and we’re doing the best we can. It does make for interesting car rides with the kids squeezed in, but again, we’re saving money and it’s working.

Someday, hopefully soon, we’ll have another car, but for the time being, we’re trying to live with less.

So much less

I’m also finding there are many other areas in my life where less works just fine.

  • Food. I’ve long been way too addicted to food and have eaten way too much. These past couple of months I’ve been really trying hard to really cut back my consumption and only eat what I need.
  • Drinks. Not the good kind of drinks (never been a fan of those), but I was a Diet Pepsi-aholic. I’ve cut it out. I’ve needed to for some time and decided to just pull the plug.
  • Phone. Months and months ago I sold my iPhone. Let’s just say it was hard and it’s been hard. But, I’ve found, I don’t need it to survive.

So, I’m on a journey to Do Life with Less, So I can have More of God in Life.

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