One Life at a Time

I really believe that each of us has the ability to change the world.

I know that sounds extremely positive and very idealistic, but it is really possible. Too often when people hear the statement, “change the world”, they think of affecting gigantic broad change all at once and that’s why they think it’s not possible.

But, I would like to offer another thought. How about instead of gigantic broad change affecting millions at one time…how about…

One Life At A Time?

Here’s the crazy thing…that can still bring gigantic broad and lasting change! If each of us took the time to really care about our relationships and our friendships and the people around us, we could bring enormous change!


Instead of choosing…Bitterness, Anger, Rage, Worry, Anxiety, Revenge, Gossip, Bullying, or Envy

What if we live out these?

Love, Patience, Kindness, Joy, Self-Control, Truth, Hope, Respect, Goodness

Now imagine if we choose to live out those actions to the people around us who we most fear, we are afraid of and who are generally on our stay away list. You might be saying “there is absolutely no way” and I respect that. But, I think we must live these to both sets of people in our lives…

People we Like and People we don’t like

That’s when real, gigantic and enormous change will happen in our worlds and the world we live in.

So, will you join me in changing the world


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