“Jason is one of the best story tellers I have ever heard. He is gifted in communicating the scriptures in a way that kids not only understand but want to talk about after the message.” Nate Rice  –  Forest Home Camp

Speaker. Story teller. Teacher. Church Planter. Pastor.

Jason has spoke for audiences of all sizes and shapes.

 What can Jason bring to your event?

Realness. Jason is a student of relationships and because of that; he knows how to connect with an audience. He knows how to connect because he’s real and transparent.

Laughter and Stories. Jason has a blast telling stories and your students or adults will have a blast listening. As they listen; they will laugh and then they will laugh some more. Before anyone realizes it, they have learned amazing truths.

Flexibility. Jason prides himself on being extremely easy to work with! Need him to write small group questions, great! Need him to also be the emcee, great! Because he’s also run hundreds of events over the last 20 years, he knows the last thing you need is someone difficult to deal with.

Book Jason

For more information or to book Jason please email jason@jasonraitz.com.

Click here to see what others are saying about my speaking.


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