Sunday Night Reflections…I may never complain again

It’s Sunday night! It’s been quite a week! Awesome to Exhausting and everything in between.

The longer I’m a Pastor, it’s amazing to me how quickly I can experience the complete range of crazy emotions in a super short amount of time.

Here are some of my Sunday Night Reflections. 

1. I SHOULD never complain again. I spent most of the week in Ecuador on a Compassion Vision Trip and after experiencing a level of poverty I have never seen or experienced before in my life, I should NEVER COMPLAIN EVER AGAIN! IMG_0565

I am blessed and I am rich and I have nothing  to complain about. After standing in homes that were the size of a bathroom and had no running water, I have nothing to complain about!

2. I LOVED traveling with Bekah. Because of some extreme generosity, Bekah was given the chance to travel with me to Ecuador. It was a life changing trip and I can’t even begin to tell you how special it was to be with her all week. We had incredible conversations and we both had an incredible experience.

3. I am FIRED up! GOD ignited my heart this week. He renewed my passion to reach Central MI for Jesus. He broke my heart for the plight of the poor. He kicked me in the pants to do more for the Kingdom. He reminded me that He loved me! I am fired up!

4. I LOVE MY CHURCH! Today was so good! Because I wasn’t teaching today, I could engage in more conversations and hang out with volunteers. I hung out in Thrive Kidz and it was awesome! I just love my church. I, for the life of me can’t figure why some folks choose to only be a part of Church once a month!?! It’s just crazy to me!

5. I love when Parents serve with their Teens! I counted three sets of parents who IMG_0736serve with their teens this morning at Thrive! That blows my mind and is completely awesome! Oh, wait, as I think about it, it’s actually 5!

6. My heart broke when I heard someone left Thrive Church. I don’t think people realize that Pastors actually hurt when people leave their churches. Thrive has had it’s fair share of people who have left and every time I find out, my heart breaks.

Especially when they just stop showing up and never respond to any messages. It honestly hurts. But, you do everything you can do and keep praying for them.

7. I love my Thrive staff team! I work with some absolutely amazing people. I was gone all week and my team did an incredible job preparing for Sunday and our upcoming projects!

8. I can’t figure out why more people don’t sponsor kids through Compassion.  After seeing the work of Compassion first hand and meeting sponsor kids and adults who were sponsor kids, it’s such an easy way to literally save children from a life of poverty or even premature death.

9. My wife’s a rock star! She busts her butt all week long. She kills it with Zach and Madie’s diet. She works hard on Sunday’s. She takes care of a family of 6.

And, right now, she’s hobbling around the house because she hurt her back setting up Thrive Kidz and its hard to see her in pain! We’ve really got to build up our Thrive Kidz set up team.

When the kids were little, it was the same thing. I love talking to families sometimes who use their kids being young as a reason they skip out on Church or volunteering. Gosh, when our kids were little we went to a church where it took Tracie 20 minutes to drop off all 4 kids in the kids ministry and since I worked there, I could never help.

She’s a rock star. I’m so proud of her. And, today, we actually sat together in church! Huge for us!

10. I dream of having every one who calls Thrive their home church together on a Sunday. Maybe it’s the wrong dream. But the synergy and the energy and the momentum that comes when everyone shows up is just awesome! You can feel it in the air. I’ve learned over the course of 2 years, it’s a tough dream to have. I’ve read in a few places that the average church attender is not 1.5 times a month.

So, it’s a tough dream. But, I’ll keep working and dreaming and praying!

Planting and Leading a Church has been the toughest endeavor of my life. But, I feel so blessed to be Thrive’s Pastor and I’m so excited for what’s ahead!

I really believe the best is yet to come!


Church for the rest of us…An invite to check out Thrive this morning

What are you doing today at 9 or 1015am this morning? Why don’t you head to Thrive Church?IMG_4409

Seriously, we’re a church for people who don’t like church and we would love for you to experience Thrive. There are no perfect people allowed, so don’t worry about that. You don’t have to dress up. Just be you.

Ok, if you already have a Church home, then stop reading! No really! If you have a church family…a church home, then this post is not really for you.

BUT and it’s a big BUT

If you’ve been searching for a Church home, I really do think you would love Thrive. We started Thrive to be a church for the rest of us. There really isn’t any pomp and circumstance or holding onto traditions that were important 30 years ago. I’m the pastor and I wear jeans and a sweatshirt. We talk about real stuff and how we can take the truth of the Bible and apply it to our daily lives. The band rocks. Your kids will love our kids program. And it’s just really fun, it’s really simple and we’re real.

So, if you’re skeptical. If you’ve given up on Church and you are willing to give it one more chance. Then, you’re invited to check out Thrive today at either 9 or 1015 at Celebration Cinema.

See you soon!

3 Life Changing Moments I experienced this week in Ecuador

Ok, the title of this post is absolutely ridiculous! Why? Because I experienced way more than 3 amazing moments! The entire week was life changing! And, to be honest. I’m a mess. I just posted a photo album of the trip and I’m having a hard time typing through the tears. But, here goes.

3 Moments I will NEVER forget. 

1. Meeting our Compassion sponsored child, Yacel. Our family sponsors three children from Ecuador. Miguel, Ruth Ester and Yacel. I will never forget that moment. NEVER! I pray that our entire family has an opportunity to head back to Ecuador to meet all three. IMG_0597

Ok, I’m about to share something I’m not proud of, but here goes. For years, I didn’t understand the gravity and how important it was to sponsor a child! I just didn’t. I’m ashamed of that! It will never happen again! Every letter you sent your child is a precious treasure to them. They look at your pictures! They pray for you! And, your $38 a month literally releases them from poverty! More on that and the work of Compassion and Stadia later.

2. Watching Greg Nettle, his daughter and their sponsored child cut the ribbon to the Church his family planted! Here’s the thing, Greg Nettle is the real deal! Every time I am able to be around him, I am inspired at a whole new level! When he says he’s all in for church planting and making sure every child has a church, he’s ALL IN! IMG_0619

He raised money to plant this church by climbing a freaking mountain! People sponsored him by the foot and he was able to plant a church! How stinking incredible is that? If that’s not enough, his high school daughter and a group of friends raised enough money as well to plant a church! Are you kidding me?!?

And, here’s how powerful all this is! This Church has literally brought HOPE to this community. It also doubles as Child Development Center and it has an Infant Survival Program as well! Lives are being saved from death and the light of Christ is shining in this community!

3. Watching Wes Stafford’s sponsored kids hug him with the kind of hug that would cause anyone to cry!IMG_0695

Here’s the story. 20 years ago, Wes and his wife sponsored twin girls. For 20 years they sent letters, care packages and visited them when they could. The twins are now adults  and because of the sponsorship, the child development center and the church, their lives were saved. They were released from poverty.

I was sitting in the church listening the Pastor of the church through the translator and I just happened to turn around and I saw these women race to Wes. He barely had time to stand because they attacked him with the most incredible hug. Tears were flowing. And then, when some of us realized what was happening, we started to cry!

It was the most amazing moment! I can’t even express how powerful it was to sit in a  church that didn’t exist 35 years ago. How powerful it was to realize that these women were just girls when they were sponsored and their lives were saved. How powerful it was to learn that thousands of kids have been sponsored in this area and because of the light of Christ, the entire area has been changed!

Here’s what I know…

I’m tired. I’m fed up. I’m done living the way I have been. What way is that? Not caring enough about the plight of the poor both at home and around the world! I spent so much time confessing the sin of not using the resources God’s blessed me with for His kingdom. I’m done.

It’s time to get serious. It’s time to get focused. It’s time to help other people experience moments like this so they will receive the gift of a Holy Discontent from God and do something for His Kingdom.

I would urge you to please check out the work of Compassion and Stadia. Pray about how you can get involved to release children from poverty in Jesus name and make sure every child has a church!

A Brothel Closed Down Because of a Church!!! ONLY GOD!!!

Yesterday we visited a former brothel. It was a pretty simple building that was used for horrific acts against women. Satan used to dwell there. Darkness won there. The light was shut out.IMG_0632

Let me back up. We were on a tiny island with 1000 residents. Took about 25 minutes by boat to get there. No running water. Virtually no electricity. Houses bit on stilts because of constant flooding. Garbage all over the place. Half starved dogs running around. Little kids with no shoes, barely any clothes and running through the mud.

We went to visit a Compassion sponsored family and we went to a building that looked like it had a bar in the back. When we asked what used to be there, we were told a brothel. There were 6 tiny rooms on the right side where men would pay for woman and disgustingly enough girls. Like I said, the darkness was winning.


A Church brought the light and hope of Jesus to that island. Remember how important the church is? Because of Jesus…the Church is the Hope of the World! It’s the most transformative and important organization in the world!

And, because of this Church, the brothel closed down! It went away! It failed! Women were freed. The Church brought light to this very dark place. Now, the brothel is used for families. Jesus is winning.

How powerful is that? The light came into the darkness.

And, here’s the powerful story behind this Church. Greg Nettle (the President of Stadia) climbed a mountain to raise the funds to build this church. People sponsored him by the foot and he was able to raise the $87,000 needed to plant this Church and Child Development Center.


Talk about selflessness! Talk about Kingdom vision! Talk about a passion for Every Child to Have a Church!

His story and his daughter’s, which I’ll post about next have really got me thinking about how much I can do to help get more churches started in Ecuador!!

This trip has been life changing. My heart has been wrecked. My heart has been opened. I’m ready to do more.

 *I wanted to attach pictures, but the wifi is giving me some problems. 



Ecuador has wrecked my heart…

Ecuador has wrecked my heart…

I just don’t words. I keep tearing up thinking about the deepest level poverty I’ve experienced in my life and I keep asking myself how do people live there. I keep asking God why I was born where I was and why they were born where they were.

I can’t get the kids faces out of my head. Their beautiful little faces. We arrived by boat to the island of Limones and, what seemed like, every child from the island line the dock and cheered for us. Why did they do that? We should have been cheering for them.

I just keep thinking about how many kids die a day because of poverty. In case you’re wondering, that’s 19,000.

And, here’s what I’m so ticked about…they don’t have to die. They can be saved from poverty.

Ecuador has wrecked my heart….

Watching Bekah walk hand in hand with these beautiful and precious little girls just wrecked my heart. Watching them play with her hair and just truly marvel at her face just wrecks my heart.IMG_0640

Watching Bekah try to process the fact that children live in places that make your stomach turn and your heart sad is something else.

Watching Bekah hug these precious little kids is almost too much for this dad.

I just keep praying that God would put a holy discontent on Bekah’s heart to do something to help the world’s poor.

Ecuador has wrecked my heart…

I just keep praying for forgiveness for the all the precious resources I ‘ve wasted. I am mad that my family hasn’t sponsored more children. I mean its $38 dollars a month! I’m sad when I think about all the money I’ve wasted on silly things that could have been used to literally save a child’s life and release them from poverty.

I just keeping thanking God that my Zach and Madie weren’t born in some of these places. They may have not made it because of their PKU. I stood in a home yesterday that was no bigger than a large houses closet and the kitchen the size of a washer cardboard box and I kept thinking…how would families care for PKU kids here? I don’t think they could.

Ecuador has wrecked my heart…

Being around passionate and inspired leaders like Greg Nettle and Wes Stafford has opened the eyes of my heart to how much God can use regular people like me.

Being around amazing church leaders and seeing God move in their hearts and releasing that because of this trip, churches can be planted. When a church is planted, a community is changed. The light is brought into the darkness.

When that church comes to a community, 200 children are sponsored and released from poverty. A Child development center pours into those children and their families. And 30 people in that child’s life are affected by their sponsorship.

Ecuador has wrecked my heart…

There is a reason that children and the poor were close to Jesus’ heart. There is a reason that they should be close to my mine as well.

I’m ashamed. I’m saddened. I’m angry. I’m disgusted. All with myself. For years I squandered time. I wasted resources. I didn’t care about the poor or children. I’ve could have done so much more.

Maybe Ecuador hasn’t wrecked my heart. Maybe it’s Jesus. Maybe He’s the one who’s doing the wrecking.

I have seen him so many times on this trip. I have seen him in the eyes of our translators as they hug and kiss the families of sponsored children. I have seen in him in the flesh in the pastors of the amazing churches that have been planted here. I have seen him work through the Compassion staff at the Child Development Centers.

Jesus has wrecked my heart.

I am praying somehow, someway He will use me to help others experience what I have experienced in Ecuador.

May God wreck your heart.

Please check out the work of Compassion and Stadia. Please email me ( if you have any questions. Together we can make a huge difference!

‘Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy’ Week one & two at Thrive

I am loving our new teaching series at Thrive!







So far we have talked about how we can discover Joy in our Suffering and we’ve challenged Thrive to read the book of Philippians each week of the series. If you missed week one, watch it here.

For week two, we kind of threw out out playbook and really changed up our Sunday morning experience. We had spoken word, a dance, scripture readings and another teacher. Plus, the worship and communion were an awesome part of the experience.

We reminded and encouraged everyone that The Cross Changes Us. If you missed, check it out. See you this Sunday for week three!

Bekah and I are headed to Ecuador…

Today is the day. In about 20 minutes, Bekah (my 15 year old daughter) and I are heading to Ecuador! IMG_6807

Here’s a little more information about our trip and why we’re going. We have the privilege of traveling with a group of Pastors to see first hand all of Compassion and Stadia’s work to release children from poverty! We will get to see Child Development Centers and how Compassion is working in Ecuador to free kids from a life of poverty.

It’s an honor and we’re excited! We’re humbled! We’re blessed!

Bekah and I have traveled a bunch together in the past. I have taken Bekah on numerous trips with me on speaking engagements all over the country, but she’s never been out of the country.

I am so excited for her!

I’m excited for this time with her. I’m excited for her to experience another country. I’m excited for her heart and her soul to be wrecked when she sees the plight of the poor. I’m excited to hear how God speaks to her on this trip.

This trip is such a blessing and I’m honored that Compassion and Stadia asked us to go. I can’t wait to see first hand all that these amazing ministries are doing to save children!

We would cherish your prayers!

Bekah had to raise $1000 for this trip and she’s still about $300 short. If you would like to help her, you can give here. Thank you so much and thank you to everything that already gave!