3 reasons to invite EVERYONE you know to Thrive this Sunday!

This Sunday is a HUGE day for Thrive Church! Its actually a HUGE day for every Church!

Why? Because people who have given up on church, given up on God or are nominal church attenders are more likely to accept an invitation for this Sunday than pretty much any other Sunday of the year.

So, are you ready to invite your friends and family? Are you ready to invite your neighbors and co-workers?

If you’re still hesitant, here are 3 reasons to invite EVERYONE you know!

3 Reasons to INVITE and BRING

1. Everyone needs Jesus. Capital…E-veryone! Regardless of their past, their background, or their job status…everyone needs Jesus.

2. Everyone needs a Church home. Again, every man–woman–and child needs a church home. A place to find out about Jesus, learn how to follow Jesus, a place to give, a place to serve and a place to be welcome–accepted and loved!

3. Everyone needs hope. When people gather together on Sundays, they should receive a giant dose of HOPE! The hope of the cross!

So, you have 3 days before Sunday, who are you going to invite and bring to Church?

A dad, a son and a grandson…One of my favorite moments ever at Thrive

Yesterday was an awesome day. IMG_3302

There was a moment at Thrive that was very special.

I asked my 12 year son, Bobby, and my dad, Bob, to come up and each pray for the Christmas Offering. 

I can’t even begin to tell you the joy I have about serving together in ministry with my family.

My wife loves our Church. My 14, 12, 10 and 6 year old love our church. My parents love our church.

Now, my kids may not always love it. I know that is a very real reality.

But, for the time being, I love my that family serves together at Thrive Church.

My dad is one of our humblest volunteers. You will never hear him complain. His body aches, his back hurts, he knees are bad. And yet, he’s at the church every Sunday morning at 7am to unload and set up church.

One of the things that I will never take for granted is that my childhood was rooted in God. I am so thankful that my parents talked about God, studied God, taught me to pray, taught me to serve and now do the same with their grand kids.

It’s just awesome.

And, to know that my kids get to witness their grand parents help build our church together, yeah, that’s just an honor.

A dream a long time ago

When Bobby was born, it was awesome. To be able to introduce Bobby Raitz to Bob Raitz was a life highlight! Well, not long after that, one of the ladies at our church told me she had a dream about my family.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. She told me in her dream she saw my dad teaching dozens of kids. Ok, that part made sense because my dad was my youth pastor. She went on to tell me that saw me teaching hundreds. Ok, again that part made sense. I was a youth pastor and I had been traveling and teaching at camps and retreats.

Then she said…she saw my son teaching thousands.

Wow. I still don’t know what to think about it. But, I will tell you this. I will support whatever path of life any of my kids feels is the one God is calling them too.

But, if God calls them to ministry, man, that would be awesome!

So proud to be Bob Raitz’s son and so proud to be Bobby Raitz’s dad.

4 Stupendously Awesome Reasons to Check out Thrive Church tomorrow!

Maybe you’ve thought about checking out Thrive Church.

Maybe you haven’t.

Maybe you have a friend who posts about it all the time and you’ve wondered why they do.

Maybe you’ve watched a few of the messages from Thrive and you’ve thought about checking it out in person.

Maybe someone handed you a card and invited you to come with them.

Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about Thrive Church.

Whatever your situation, you’re invited to Thrive Church tomorrow! 

Here are 4 Stupendously Awesome Reasons to Check out Thrive Church…

1. It’s Christmas time! For some reason you’ve thought about getting yourself and if you have a family into a Church for Christmas. Check out Thrive on December 14th (9 or 1015am), the 21st (9 or 1015am) or the 24th (6-7pm).

2. Free Hot Chocolate and Christmas Cookies. Yes, now I have your attention. Tomorrow is our annual Hot Chocolate Bar and Christmas Cookie Sunday at Thrive! Seriously, come and enjoy!

3. The Matt Moore Band. Yes, you read that right. The Matt Moore Band is playing at Thrive tomorrow!

4. A Church that exists for…

No Perfect People

Seriously, you can’t use your excuse that church is only for perfect people. At Thrive, you are welcomed–accepted–and loved from whatever background or place in life you’re at.

We all look to Jesus and that’s who we find our hope in!

So, what do you say? Hope to see you tomorrow! 


A little bit of Saturday randomness and ramblings…

A little bit of randomness and ramblings…

1. It kind of makes me sad when people unlike Thrive Church’s Facebook page. Probably shouldn’t. Don’t know why it does. But, really, who does that?

2. Somebody asked me today why I take a prayer walk around Celebration Cinema every week. Because I’ve read Circle Maker a dozen times. If you haven’t read it, buy this book and get ready!circle

3. Someone just messaged me and told me that for the first time in their life they are excited to be a part of a Church.

Yeah, that’s amazing and so humbling!

4. One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies. I just realized that I haven’t been to a movie in months and months. That’s a first.

5. I really can’t wait for tomorrow! I love Sunday!

Ok, there is your Saturday’s dose of randomness and ramblings!


Do I really Trust God?

A few weeks ago, I read a verse in my quiet time that hit me like a ton of bricks. And actually, it is still messing with me!

I’ve read it before, many times actually. I’ve highlighted, underlined and circled it. It’s a short, but extremely powerful verse!

“In you, Lord my God, I put my trust”

~Psalm 25:1

After I read it, I just kept asking myself…

Do I really trust God?

It’s a big question with an even bigger answer.
I immediately starting taking stock of if I trust Him in all areas of my life.
  • Do I trust Him with my finances?
  • Do I trust Him with my health?
  • Do I trust Him with my family?
  • Do I trust Him with my Church?
  • Do I trust Him?

This is a GREAT and SIMPLE but POWERFUL verse that really cuts to the heart of my relationship with God.

You’ve heard about Thrive…Today is the day to Check it Out

There’s a reason you keep hearing about Thrive Churchthrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

I mean, think about it. 

You’ve seen more than one friend post about it on Facebook. 

You’ve come into Celebration Cinema for an early movie on a Sunday and saw the banners for Thrive. 

You’ve been handed a card at work that had information about the church on it.  

You’ve recently been thinking about getting back into church more and more. 

You’ve even got up a few Sunday mornings with the intention to go. 

Am I off here? 

Today is the day you should finally check it out. 

There is plenty of time. There is even time to message, call or text a friend to come with you.

And, today is a pretty special day to check out Thrive Church. right christmas remixed

We have a special guest band called Bluetree at Thrive today! They’re amazing and their story is something you won’t want to miss!

Plus we start our new series called ‘Christmas Remixed’. We’re looking at putting a fresh spin on Christmas.

So, what do you think?

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Come early, especially if you have kids. At least 15 minutes early. That way you can grab a cup of free Bigby’s coffee and a few donuts and then take the kids to Thrive Kidz.
  • Head down to theater One by 5 till. That way you can grab a great seat and oh yeah…we have GREAT seats at Thrive Church!!
  • Be ready to experience God.

See you at either 9 or 1015am!! 

Think Church is boring?

Have you ever had the thought…

Church is boring. 

I bet you have. I have. My goodness, I have had that thought a ton!

I grew up in very traditional churches and that thought swirled around in my head quite a bit!

Let me ask you another question…

Has that kept you from being a part of a Church? 

If it has, I’m asking you to give the church one more shot. I know, I know, you said you never would again!

I have had lunch with people who have told me that church is boring, that its outdated, that its lost its touch and that its not relevant any longer.

But, for some reason you came across this blog post this morning and I’m guessing that’s because you have a friend who has asked you to check out their church.

So, what about one more shot?

And, if you live in Central MI, what about checking out Thrive Church this morning? Thrive is a non-denominational Church that started about 60 weeks ago by people who wanted to create a church that people who are done with church, would love.

Yup, that’s it.

Thrive is a church for people who don’t like Church. 

Thrive is Simple, it’s Real and it’s Fun.

Our HUGE goal is that when you check out Thrive this morning, you will step into an environment where people want you to be. We’re a church that believes there should be no perfect people allowed. So, just come. Don’t worry about dressing up. Don’t worry about not understanding what’s going on.

You’re probably going to hear songs you’ll recognize from the radio, see a clip from a movie you’ve seen and hear a message from the Bible that will deal with everyday stuff.


At Thrive, we believe the message of hope and life that Jesus offers is the most EXCITING message ever. 

So, it could never be boring! 

I so hope you can check out Thrive this morning! If you have kids, there is a special kid church for them called ‘Thrive Kidz’. Get to Celebration Cinema about 15 minutes early. You can grab some coffee and donuts and then head to the big Thrive Kidz sign and our Thrive Kidz volunteers will get your kids all checked in.

After that, head down the hallway to theater one!

And, please let me know if your experience at Thrive was boring! Email me at jasonraitz@thrivechurchmi.cc.

Ok, see you in a little bit!