7 Reasons to Check Out Thrive Church this Sunday

Every single week, I talk to people who are searching for a church home.

Some know it and some don’t.

My conversations range from…“I just wish I thrive))church-no-perfect-allowedcould find the right church” to “I’m done with church and I’m not trying that again”. 

Regardless if you think you need a church or not, here are 7 Reasons I think you should check out my church, Thrive Church.

7 Reasons…

1. You’ve been searching for a church.

Easy. The reality is, many people are searching for a church. They may already realize that or honestly, they may not yet, and that’s ok. But, if you’ve been searching for a church home, a church family that will love you and a Church that is passionate about Jesus, check out Thrive.

2. You’ve heard about Thrive and have been thinking about checking it out.

I was getting my haircut yesterday and the stylist asked me what I do for a living. Well, I told her and she asked what church. I said…Thrive Church.

‘OHHHH. I’ve heard of that place!’

She went on to tell me that she a few friends who have posted about it on Facebook and who have asked them!

3. You’ve been wanting to get yourself or your family back to church.

You have no idea where this thought came from, but you can’t shake it! So, do something about it!

4. You’ve been searching for a church filled with lots of kids.

The truth and reality is, not many churches have a ton of young kids! That’s a huge bummer! But, at Thrive, there are kids everywhere! It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve decided to launch our 2nd Sunday morning experience.

5. You’ve felt for a long time that there was something was missing in your life.

I talk with people all the time that say things like…”I just like something is missing”. Well, that could be a giant void in your life that only Jesus could fill.

6.  You will understand what’s going on. 

Maybe in your childhood you attended a church where you never knew what was going on. You did not understand what they were talking about or what they were doing. Well, at Thrive, I think you will. We’re super simple, super casual and a lot of fun.

7. The Music Rocks! 

Yes, every single Sunday we have a great band at Thrive! It rocks! Some weeks it’s more acoustic an some weeks its more rock, but it is always awesome. So, if you like a great band or you love to worship, you will love the music at Thrive.

More Reasons? Sure, why not! 

8. It’s short. 

Our experience is an hour long. Yeah, you’ll love it!

9. Thrive Kidz is awesome! 

If you have kids, they will love our kids environments!

10. It’s ridiculously welcoming and accepting! 

You may even be annoyed, but we want people to know we want them at Thrive!

I hope you can make it this Sunday! See you at 9:30am at Celebration Cinema!

3 Ways to Engage this week at Thrive

3_Ways_LogoIt’s Friday. Actually, it’s late Friday afternoon.

Do you know what that means?

Yup, you guessed it! Sunday is only 2 days away!

I absolutely can’t wait and I wanted to give you a few ways to engage this week with Thrive.

3 Ways to Engage

1. Catch up on our ‘Messy’ Series. If you have missed any Sunday’s in this series, then head here and catch up.

This entire series has been focused on how to take the messiness out of our relationships and we finish this series this Sunday with a look at how to take the messy out of church families! Can’t wait!

2. Spend some time with Jesus. Tomorrow is Saturday. Get up extra early…I know, but get up and go for a walk and just talk to Jesus.

3. Connect with a fellow Thrive. Go to the Thrive Facebook group and click on names. Read a few names and then pray for them. Then, message them and let you know you have been praying for them!!

See you on Sunday!

Oh, please be there by 945am if you can!! Thanks!

Hey Thrive…3 Musts for tomorrow at Thrive

3_Musts_LogoTomorrow is Thrive!

It’s going to AWESOME!

How do I know this?

Here’s why…

Hebrews 10:25 says…”not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” (niv)

It’s going to be ENCOURAGING! And, who doesn’t need ENCOURAGEMENT?!? If you don’t, I don’t believe YOU!!!

So, DON’T miss! Rearrange plans. Don’t sleep in! Invite a friend. Be there.

3 Musts for tomorrow

1. Messy week two! If you’re marriage has ever been messy or you guys have struggled, then be at Thrive! If you plan on getting married some day, then be at Thrive!  We’re talking about Ephesians 5:21-25 and it’s going to be great-challenging-rewarding!

2. You have a ROLE at Thrive! Yes, you! If you’ve been coming for awhile, then you have a job or a role or you play a part.

Help Welcome, Accept, Learn Names, Introduce people to each other, Sit by New people, Clap, Cheer, Sing Loud, Laugh, Cry, Learn, Trust, Give. 

Ok, there’s your role!

3. Sit down front. No, seriously. Theater One is starting to fill up and everybody wants to sit on an end. If a group of people came down front, that would open up a bunch of seats.

You rock! I can’t wait! Pray! See you at Thrive!

Thrive Church…3 Musts for Sunday

3_Musts_LogoIt’s Labor Day Weekend!! 

You know what that means?

Thrive is just a day away! 

We have another amazing opportunity to GATHER as a church on Sunday and I wanted to make sure you knew a few musts before Sunday!

Here we go…

1. We all need to GROW. We’re talking about one of the best ways to grow spiritually as a follower of Jesus this Sunday.

That’s right, growing people change. We need to change and we MUST welcome the change. And, if you have made the commitment to Follow Jesus, it doesn’t end there. Now it’s about following, growing and becoming more like Him everyday.

So, I can’t wait to open God’s word with you on Sunday!

2. If you missed our Baptism and BBQ, be there on Sunday. We’re going to show you how incredible powerful this day was!

Oh, put this date on your calendar, August 16th, 2015. Our next outdoor baptism!!

The next baptism at Thrive is in November. Get ready!!

3. Alive City is at Thrive next week! Alive City is a great worship band from the Detroit area and they are stopping by Thrive on their tour.

It’s going to ROCK! Trust me, do not miss next Sunday, September 7th!!

Start inviting your friends now!!

Ok, can’t wait to see you this Sunday!

Oh…lastly!! Please be praying big time for Thrive Church, our church family and our experience on Sunday!!!!


Incredible Experience so far at Newspring Church

Here are my initial thoughts about my experience so far at Newspring Church and the Double Conference.


Over the top welcoming. IMG_1956


Powerful worship.

Inspired teaching.

Incredible facilites.

Great musicians.


Incredible organized.

So, SO Practical.


Jesus focused.

Ok, those are my initial thoughts. I really can’t pull out anything negative! So far, my heart is full. I’m inspired. I can’t wait to get back to my church.

What else do I love? 

Perry Nobles teaching.

The authenticity and transparency of the staff in break outs.

The overwhelming concern for attendees by the staff.

The passionate worship.

The concern  and love for the local church!

Facebook 101…The real reason to use facebook

There are so many reasons to use Facebook. Too many to list in this blog post. But, what I hope to convey is what I think, the only real reason to use it.

And yes, I understand I’m going out on a limb a bit.

I’ve been working on a series of posts about Facebook for a few months now and I’m ready to start putting them up. So, here’s my first go at it.

Here’s what I know about Facebook…

It can either greatly improve your life or it can bring a world of negativity into your life.

The great thing is…you get to choose.

It can either encourage you or suck your time away from you.

The great thing is…you get to choose. 

It can either be used a tool to communicate with friends and family or it can be used to spread negativity.

Again, the great thing is…you get to choose. 

This is how powerful this simple online website is! It has the potential to bring life to people. To get them connected. To get them engaged. But, way too often it does the exact opposite. People get more frustrated, they become more envious and jealous and the negativity just fills their mind.

In fact, I would be rich if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say ‘I’m so tired of the drama on Facebook’.

Ok, so what’s the real reason to use Facebook? Instead of listing a ridiculously long list, I’m just gonna cut to the chase and post what I believe is the only real reason to use Facebook. Here we go:

To bring life to others. 

Yup, I really believe it’s not about you. Its not about me. It’s about bringing hope. Bringing joy. Bringing new ideas. Bringing new connections. Bringing new relationships and encouragement for old ones.

It’s all about…bringing life to others.

Enough with the hate. Enough with the negativity. Enough with the late night woe is me posts. Enough with hiding behind it. Enough with the name calling. Enough with the ‘my life is better than yours’. Enough.

Enough. Please. 

Please just use it to bring life.

Don’t know how? Well, that’s tomorrow’s post.

Last Minute…3 Musts for this Sunday at Thrive

I love Saturdays!! Why? IMG_5137

Because Sunday is the next day! 

Last Sunday at Thrive was a ‘once a year’ kind of Sunday. It was just spectacular! So, how do you follow that up?

Well, by having The Spark back at Thrive to lead worship!

You heard that right, The Spark! 

Ok, before I get ahead of myself, here are the musts you need to know for Sunday.

3 Musts

1. Go to God on behalf of our Church.

Please, Please, Please spend some time in prayer and ask for God’s blessings on our time tomorrow. And, also ask for His blessing, protection and guidance during the week.

2. Invite friends to hear The Spark. 

It’s not too late. Send an invite. Call a friend. Don’t miss this great band!

3. Get ready.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day and I can’t wait to gather together with my church family!