You want me to come to Church? Really?

Yes, actually, I want you to come to my church! Believe it or not, I believe you will really love it! thrive))church-no-perfect-allowed

So, whether it’s been a long time since you’ve been a part of a Church or you’ve been feeling lately that you’re suppose to find a new church…

You’re invited to Thrive >> Church

Now, you read this invite 1 of 2 ways…

1. There is no possible way I would ever come to Church!?!


2. Huh, I’ve actually been looking for a Church. 

Regardless of how you read it and initially responded to the invite, know that you are wanted and invited to Thrive Church.

Yes, you are wanted even if you’ve burned by a church in the past.

Yes, you are wanted even if you said you would never be a part of a Church again.

Yes, you are wanted even if you far less than perfect and you think you would never be accepted.

Yes, you are wanted even if you are far God and don’t even know if you believe in Him.

So, what do you think? Today is the day that you could find a Church home. Today is the day that you can find peace with God. Today is the day that you could find a community of people who will accept you the way you are. Today is the day that you could experience hope.

Check out Thrive! We meet at Celebration Cinema at 9 or 1015am. I suggest getting there at least 15 minutes. Grab some coffee and donuts. Get your kids checked into Thrive Kidz and then head to theater one!

See you in a little bit!

church for no church


Today is the DAY…Check out Thrive Church

For months you’ve thought about checking out Thrive ChurchIMG_2484

You’ve heard about it…Yes, it’s the church that:

  • Meets in a movie theater
  • Is super crazy welcoming
  • Has free Bigby’s coffee and donuts
  • Where the band rocks
  • Has a great, safe and fun environment for kids and students
  • Laughs a lot
  • Is very serious about Jesus
  • Believes its OK to not be OK, but not OK to stay that way
  • Where no perfect people are allowed

Yes, all those things are true!

So, what do you think? Make today the first time you check out Thrive Church.

Here’s what you need…

  1. Invite someone to come with you
  2. Arrive about 15 minutes early, (we have two experiences and they start at 9 and 1015) especially if you’re bringing your kids
  3. Don’t worry, a lot of people are going to say hi to you
  4. If you drink coffee, grab some at the cafe
  5. If you have kids, check them into Thrive Kidz
  6. Head to Theater One and find a seat
  7. Be ready

Ok, that’s it! See you soon at Celebration Cinemas!


Fix your eyes on Jesus

Can imagine, as a Jesus Follower, if we actually did that and if we really took those words seriously!?! Just imagine the life change in us that would happen. Just imagine the change in our families lives and friends.

New glasses

Today I get to go to an optometrist. Actually, my wife, Bekah and I get to go!

And, I am excited!!!! 

Get this and I’m not proud of it! My wife hasn’t had new glasses since 2007 and I’m not much behind her. And, our Church, Thrive Church, came together and blessed us with a terrific Christmas gift of new glasses for the three of us!! Just so humbling!!

Everything will probably change for me as I get new glasses. Ok, not everything, but a lot will. My eyes and what I will be able to focus on is about to change dramatically. I squint a lot right now. I struggle to read things far away. Shoot, I struggle to read things close up! But, that’s all going to change.

And, that will make life better. Unknown

As a Jesus follower, the author of Hebrews 12:2 encouraged us to fix our eyes on Jesus to focus on Him. Focus on how He lived and to live our lives in the same way.

Here’s how the message version says it…

Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he’s there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. 

In 2015 I’m doing everything I can to keep my eyes on Jesus.

To focus on Him. To Live like Him. To be Him to as many I can. To be as focused on my life mission as He was.


My biggest hurdle in 2015

2015 is looking pretty darn good.

Which, to be honest, 2014 will be tough to top! I had a great year in 2014. It wasn’t easy by any means and actually it was one of my toughest yet, but it was a great year.

The only negative I can muster up about 2014 is…my health. I mean, leading a church…especially a super young church is not easy. We dealt with a ton of not so fun moments, financial stress, growing pains and leadership challenges. But, even with all that, 2014 was great.

It was just my health.

My back surgery was so much harder than I ever thought and it took me a long time to bounce back. In fact, bending is still a constant struggle and the pain from that is still not fun. The simple act of getting out of bed or putting on socks, yeah, these are extremely painful tasks for me!

I miss running. Playing basketball. Swinging a baseball bat or a golf club. Wrestling with my boys.

So, for me, that pain and struggle has given me excuse after excuse to let my weight go. The discipline of eating well, while dealing with the pain is just something I flat out failed at in 2014.

That’s my biggest hurdle for 2015.

I just can’t continue to live the same way. But, changing, like everyone knows…well, that’s hard! Actually, hard doesn’t even cut it. Its a ridiculously hard battle and I am way down deep in the hole. I’ve tried to change for months and each time, well, I fell back into old habits.

Every time in the past, I have been able to work out. I have been able to run. This time, I just can’t.

So, here I go. This is my biggest hurdle to 2015 and one that I’m ready to take on.

I would love your prayers for strength and courage.

My dream for every Thriver in 2015

I have a dream!i_have_a_dream_by_aners56-d3kx6uc

I have a HUGE dream for every person who calls Thrive their Church home in 2015.

It’s not a complex dream. It’s actually pretty simple.

And, I think it’s possible. So, here you go, here’s my dream. Well, actually, my dreams.

My dream is that every person who calls Thrive Church their home in 2015…

…Would fall deeply in love with Jesus.

…Would be passionate about prayer.

…Would search out God’s word.

…Would be Jesus to their family and to their world.

…Would be deeply concerned and care for the poor and the hurting and the needy.

…Would immerse themself in a Growth Group.

…Would become an irrational giver.

…Would use their leadership to influence others for Jesus.

…Would dream like they’ve never dreamed before.

Just imagine. Imagine how our lives would change. Imagine how our families would change. Imagine how our neighborhoods would change.

And, change for the better!

Let’s be focused on Jesus in 2015!!